View Full Version : Portland RPG Jam Secession

02-06-2009, 01:29 AM
The goal of this gaming group is to try as many new games and new characters as possible.


Reason 1: Many role players love to buy RPG books detailing new systems and concepts. However, between epic campaigns, jobs and other such distractions one rarely gets the chance to try out all systems, and all the genre concepts that can be realized with in that system.

Reason 2: Even if you aren't interested in exploring new systems or game mechanics, every gamer worth his or her salt has at least one character concept idea a day and now you will be able to game test it.


This could finally be the chance to play that deaf Thor worshiping Ninja with ballistophobia, the co-dependent vampire hunter with hygiene issues or run that Paranoia scenario you have kept in your desk drawer for 15 years.

We intend to meet at least twice a month at one of several locations in Portland and play short one or two day campaigns

We are going to start with a brief "All Flesh Must Be Eaten" game run by Harrowed1 at Backspace.