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02-03-2009, 11:18 AM
targate SG-1 is a science fiction roleplaying game based on the TV show of the same name. In it, players take the role of an SG team, elite squads of soldiers, scientists and diplomats sent through the Stargate to the alien worlds which lie beyond, There, they must contend with exotic technology, hostile natives, sinister Goa'uld and wary allies, often with only themselves
and their teammates to rely on.

Where to Start?

Assuming you want to design your own unique character from the ground up. here's a list of questions geared to help you visualize him. There are two things to remember when answering these questions. First, try to create a character that you like (that is, someone you could spend personal time with); otherwise you'll soon grow restless.

Second, try not only to answer the following questions, but to ask the underlying question of 'why' for each. For instance, the answer to ; What is the most important event in your character's life may be as simple as
"his graduation from college." Asking why, however, might reveal that he values knowledge, recognition, or even life experience (making the event important because it "freed" him).

Special Note: These questions assume your character works for a largely altruistic group such as the SGC or its well disposed foreign counterparts.

1. Name three traits you would like to see in your character.Sometimes, it's easiest to start with broad strokes. Choose a few descriptive words as the founding theme of your character, such as virtuous,cunning: and witty.

2. Name three traits your character doesn't like in someone else. By the same token. knowing some of your character's basic opinions can help determine his personality and motivations, which we'll get to in a moment.

3. Where was your character born and when? One of the first things you should consider is your character's place of birth. and age. Another question to ask - was your character born in the nation where does he currently work!

4. What is your ideal character's specialty?Is he an expert on the Stargate? Axeno·biologist? A born military leader? A government analyst? Sometimes, answering this question is as easy as knowing your character's favorite subject in high school or college, and extrapolating from there.

5. What does your character look like? Physically describe your character, focusing on the defining aspects that make him/her unique. Physically describe your character, focusing on the defining aspects that make him/her unique. One or two defining physical characteristics or mannerisms is usually enough. Also, determine your character's build. height, weight

6. Does your character have any Quirks?Does your character use a catch phrase, mannerism, signature move, or piece of equipment that he's remembered for?

7. What does your character love most? Does he love work most? He might be a workaholic, A person? He might be a hopeless romantic. Himself? He might be incapable of seeing beyond his own needs and desires.

8.What are your character's favorite things? What are your character's favorite possessions? Does he have a favorite place? Planet? Mission type? Leisure time activity? Color7 Work of art? Genre of fiction or period of history? Kind of music? Band? Food? Drink? Topic? Interests? Car? Weapon? Clothing type? Book? Movie? TV show? Each of these decisions adds a little more depth without predetermining your character's course in the game. It is by no means necessary to know all these things, or even most of them. Just answer as many as you can at the moment and leave the rest for later.

9. What was the most important event in your character's life? Consider his perspective. The most important event in someone's life is usually linked to his strongest opinions or memories. For instance, if your character is self reliant, the most important event in his life might be the death of his
parents. Alternately, if the most important event in your character's life was the first time he took a life he might now be remorseful and pacifistic.

10. What does your character think of the Stargates? Just because your character's career involves interstellar travel doesn't mean that he automatically likes it, Your character might be trying to get out of the SGC (or a similar program) so what's Slopping him? Alternately, he might want to wage the war against the System Lords on his own terms, rather than those of someone or something else. He might also relish the prospect of exploration, living the life of the rugged pioneer to the hill.

11. What is your character's motivation? Finally, why does your character work for the common good? As a member of the SGC, he has dedicated himself to its philosophy and precepts. Why? Is he inherently altruistic, patriotic, or guided by an obligation of some kind? Does he feel responsible for the world?

Answer these questions and step through the gate and begin your character. If you are interested in joining pm me and we will begin on your character.