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01-30-2009, 03:07 PM
Sorry it has taken me so long, real life interfered, but here is adventure 4 with 5 to follow next week I hope

Adventure 004: The Master of Death

This adventure begins on 25 Tymont 670 C.Y.

When the party leaves Thunder Falls they travel south following the trail left by the 5 that left just before the fires started. After about a week of travel the party reaches the village of Elton. As the party enter they speak with the village elder, Duergar, about any strangers that might have passed through lately. Duergar tells them that a group of strangers passed through with in the last day or so and describes the tattooed man, Duergar then asks Lucanar to assist their village from the dead raising from the graves and disappearances taking place. Lucanar reluctantly agrees to help the village instead of chasing after the Tattooed Man. The party begins to track the undead immediately using information the villagers provide. 3 hours later the party tracks the undead to an ancient cemetery. Carefully the party enter the cemetery and find that several of the graves have been disturbed recently. Upon discovering this the party then proceeds very carefully and on guard. Continuing to follow the tracks the party are lead to a mausoleum in the centre of the cemetery, and with a brief examination the party sees that it has been opened recently.
When the party enter the mausoleum they see a series of crypts, 7 in total, and a brass plate with the symbol of Bahamut engraved on it. At the completion of a careful search the party finds that the brass plate can be lifted up to reveal a ladder descending into the darkness. Lucanar, Lindel, and Bailey go down the ladder while Mordan stays in the mausoleum. While the party explores the catacombs they are in, Mordan is examining the crypts in the mausoleum. After several sick feelings pass through him, Lucanar goes back to the mausoleum to see what Mordan is doing. Lucanar arrives just in time to see Mordan try to open one of the crypts (Mordan claims he was just seeing if the seal was good) and an angel of protection appear. Meanwhile in the catacombs Lindel and Bailey are getting restless and return to the mausoleum to see Lucanar trying to talk their way out of a battle with the angel. Through fast talking and an oath or two the party manages to avoid a fight with the angel of protection. Afterwards Lucanar decides to tie up Mordan and put a leash on on him to keep him out of trouble.
The party returns to the catacombs and begins to explore it. The only thing the party finds is a place where the wall has opened slightly (just enough for a person to squeeze through). This leads them to a natural cavern system. As they move through the first cavern several skeletons animate and attack the party. Combat is brief as the party quickly destroys the skeletons with little problem. After a short rest the party continues deeper into the cavern system where they hear the sound of mining.
At the next cavern the party sees several humanoids mining and loading the rocks into wheelbarrows. When the party begins crossing the cavern one of the humanoids notices them and attacks revealing itself as a chillborn zombie. After a brutal battle the zombie is destroyed the other zombies working at the walls of the cavern do not stop working and the party proceeds to destroy them in new and inventive ways, like pin the zombie to the wall and pick axe throw (Bailey won both games). As they move deeper into the cavern system the party finds that the caverns are heating up and they find the source of the heat, 12 dwarves working at 6 furnaces refining the raw ore mined from the cavern. Each dwarf is shackled to a furnace and 3 blazing skeletons stand watch over the dwarves. The party engages the skeletons without hesitation and defeats them. After the fight the party frees the dwarves and interrogates them. The dwarves don't know much as they never left the refining chamber. After showing the dwarves the exit to the caverns, the party moves deeper into the caverns they find a storage room with food and water as well as several bodies stacked neatly and 3 bars of mithral. While they are checking this room they begin to hear a voice coming from a connecting tunnel. The party begins moving carefully down the tunnel, they see that the tunnel opens into a cavern where 3 people are chained to a wall and gagged with a fourth person chained to a table with a female half elf standing over the chained person.
The party quickly makes a plan of action as they hear the half elf getting ready to kill the person chained to the table. After a vicious and brief battle the half elf retreats and escapes through a teleportation circle. The party then frees the captives, loots the complex, and returns the captives to the village of Elton, then after staying the night in the village the party continues south.

This adventure concludes of 3 Ambymont 670 C.Y.