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01-30-2009, 10:14 AM
Twinwand.coms 2nd campaign is looking for new members. Twinwand.com is a site that runs play by post games out of the world of Aurill. The newest campaign is a D&D3.5 campaign set in the lands of the Free Nation of Vasghoul. The cast of characters I need is as follows:

The Highborn (fighter/paladin/psychic warrior): preferably human, as this character will come from a noble house in the city of Vasghoul
The Seer (wizard, specialist, sorcerer, or psion): to be played by Inqe13
The Outcast (fighter or barbarian): to be played by Aramis
The Naturalist (druid or ranger): to be played by Beamer
The Faithful (cleric): no racial preference
The Runner (bard or rogue): no racial preference

Please visit the Bellsmeade Campaign Starter forum at http://www.twinwand.com if you are interested in participating. We can't expect everyone to have all relevant books so for simplicity we will stick with the core rules though the Expanded Psionics Handbook should be used for anyone wishing to play a psionic character. (You are expected to have the book.)

This is a short preview of the start of the campaign:

A little man, wearing a deep blue hooded cloak enters the room and approaches the high table where nine gentlemen sit. All are dressed similarly in flowing black robes, except for the one at the center. His robe is a deep dark red, which only makes the starch white of his hair stand out all the more. He rises, as the little man approaches almost stumbling as he runs through the hall.
Hhhehe is here sirs, should I let him in?
The man in the red robe nods, and the little man runs off toward the opposite end of the long hall. The red robe figure pull a small sheet of paper from a pocket in the sleeve of his robe and opens it. He begins to read: I found it. At last the power is ours. Assemble the Defectim, Ceaorn.
He looks up just as a figure wearing a black robe walks into the far end of the hall. Even from that dimly lit end his pale skin shine against the black of his robe and his jet black hair. Obviously, this man has spent far too much time in the library and not enough time outside.
The figure approaches slowly, and when he enters the light near the table it becomes apparent he is holding a folded sheet of parchment. He walks up to the table and begins speaking as he unfolds it,
My research as led me to the first clue from the presage. We can gain the Power by beginning our search in the border town of Bellsmeade!
He sets the paper down and points to a spot on a map past the Ravenbeak Mountain near the Nation of Vasghoul.

01-31-2009, 01:10 AM
I would be interested in playing either the seer or the naturalist.
Also are their any specials circumstances we should know about for character generation?

01-31-2009, 10:13 AM
I would be interested in playing either the seer or the naturalist.
Also are their any specials circumstances we should know about for character generation?

Excellent Questions: We have our character generation method published on our site. So you can go there and read all about it. We do have a unique twist on character generation.

The naturilist is taken I am afraid, was taken yesterday. However, to my knowledge the seer is still available. Go over to the site and roll up a character. That's the quickest way to secure your spot!

02-01-2009, 03:52 PM
Well, we're all filled up. Just wanted to let you guys know.