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Soft Serve
01-27-2009, 04:47 AM
www.gearsy.webs.com (http://www.gearsy.webs.com)

It's an RP site based on the popular xbox 360 exclusive, 3rd person tactical shooters Gears of War, and Gears of War 2.


The planet is very much like earth, but called Sera. Humans have lived above ground using modern day gasoline for everything much like we do now. War's over resources and what-not. Then a few people discovered the golden, moleten, liquid they were all sitting on could be processed into gas to run their cars, and choppers, and airplanes. This shifted majorly when the areas of poverty suddenly gained a resource more valuable then anything those people on their oil derricks would ever have! So naturally the oil rigging faction took arms against the dystopian faction thus begining the Pendulum Wars. The Pendulum Wars never really ended. There was a ceasefire and everyone decided they would much rather go home. As soon as they all got comfy a subterrainean race of humanoid, pebbly skinned, monsters poped out of the ground in a city called Montevado. This was the first Emergence Hole ever. The day goes down in infamy as E-Day, the day the locust poped out of the earth and killed 3/4ths of the human population (serious statistic). Now all of Sera is split into basically two factions. The Coalition of Governments, or COG. Those that refused their way of life, or Stranded. In Gears of War the legendary Marcus Fenix, hero of the Pendulum Wars and E-Day survivor (he was at the site with best friend and squad mate Dominic Santiago) is broken out of prison (which he was only in for direlection of duty to save his father, which he failed and got 40years for) and goes through tons of crazy events. Plants a resonator to map underground locust tunnels, but it fails, so they just aimlessly bomb the locust underground. WELL This was all fine and dandy until the bomb turned the imulsion into an unrefined gas that would basically give humans lung cancer (rust lung) and the locust have shown that they are actually pretty damn live and well.

The game kicks off during Gears of War 2. **SPOILER** If you plan on playing G.O.W.2 and don't want me to ruin the ending skip the next line.

--at the end they sink Jacinto, but about half-way they discover Mt. Kadar leads to the locust stronghold "Nexus"--

So instead of the ending of GOW2 coming so quickly I've decided that after they discover Nexus they decide to take a few more head on attack methods before succumbing to the last hope (which is the end of GOW2.)

Basically you will create either a GEAR, a Conscript, or a Stranded (there's really no difference) and you will set attributes, and skills, and then determine the value you have to any squad, then you'll be thrown on the site for everyone to see. (See the "Your Platoon" and "Attributes and Skills" pages to make a character.)

You'll be given only the Lancer, and Snub Pistol (and smoke grenade if you ask) when you start, but you can buy and loot better weapons from bodies. However the standard private armor only allows you to carry one rifle. See "Weapons" for more on weaponry, and "Armor" for armor upgrades and what rank you'll need to have them.

You'll earn money (and xp) for killing locust. Obviously the bigger and more important the locust the more xp and credits you get for their death. You gain xp when you make the kill but to loot any weapons you have to get them back to HQ, and ot get paid for anything you must get evacuated form the drop site with the mission complete. See the "Beastiary" page for more on this.

Altogether the site isn't completely done, I add things like armor upgrades everyday, all the sites you'll ever be called into are from the games multiplayer modes (except Nexus I made that one to fill the 30th map slot) you don't have to be familiar with them to play because I've added onto every map personally so everyone is like new.

If you would like to know more, see a critical spelling error (like "pooped" instead of "poped" which happens ot me a lot.) have suggestions on advertising the game (like how to make it sound more appealing?) or are interested in playing PM me here, e-mail me at watchthehorde@aol.com, or reply to this post.

I really want more players for this game so, no previous experience in any game, ever, is required, but it is really helpful. :biggrin:

If my system confuses you please don't shy form it just ask.