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01-21-2009, 04:32 AM
Note: I am not currently looking for players. I'm happy to put Franklin County area players on the waiting list in case a slot opens up; feel free to PM me.

Day/Time: Second and fourth Sundays of every month, from 1:00 to 7:00, about.

Location: Greenfield, within a few minutes walk of Main Street at the eastern end.

Commitment Level: Regular attendance expected. Life happens (the player who was married last year, the player who is a theater tech and has rollouts every so often and the one who has had major surgeries), but casual drop-ins don’t work. There are already four solid long term players.

System: Effectively GURPS Lite - we’d rather RP than crunch numbers - building on 150 pts. Character creation guidelines and comprehensive skill, advantage, disadvantage and race lists will be sent to players as part of the e-mail package. Familiarity with GURPS not at all required ... I’ve taught it to each of my players.

Setting/Style/Darkness Level/Stuff: I run urban Renaissance fantasy - the world's entered the Gunpowder era, however haltingly and crudely - with a healthy dollop of nautical adventuring. I’d call this “middle” fantasy rather than “high;” we’re much more Leiber than JRRT. The tone is more or less light, if gritty; it’s a realistic world.

Campaign premise: The maritime Kingdom of Warwik seemed to be settling down to peace after years of tumult, imperialism and war ... but fresh storm clouds are on the southern horizon, and next year will be the fabled and dreaded Blood Year, which occurs but once in a generation -- a portent of dark and great times.

Player gaming skill level: I’ll take complete novices; I’ve taught GURPS to every one of my players.

Me: I've been gamemastering for 34 years now, and was one of the original GURPS playtesters. I've authored numerous gaming sourcebooks, including GURPS Scarlet Pimpernel, Thieves of Tharbad, Escape From The Ashwood Mines and others.