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01-15-2009, 06:24 PM
Hello everyone. You have seen me on the boards, offering advice, asking for advice and telling my nostalgic stories. Well since I am nearing completion of my first completely unique CoreBook (unique setting and my own personal system) I have decided to take a small leap here.

For a couple of months I have been doing a lot of research into online PDF Publishing. There have been many successful companies that have started from nearly nothing, and I have decided that I would like to start my own. I have the funds (not unlimited, but enough to get started) and the determination.

It will be called OtherSide Hobbies (OSH) and I have already had it legally copyrighted. It will use my own personal system, known as the Medly System, for every publication.

I am posting on here because no one can do it alone. The website has not yet been created (but is in the works), for at the moment I am getting my bricks together. I do not want to start up a small business to watch it flounder and fail.

What I am looking for are game designers, artists, editors, writers, and folks with some technological abilities to manage the website and handle other such concerns. Specifics below:

Game Designers - "Beyond" will be the first game released from OtherSide and is near completeion (lacking art, organization, and a few others at this point). As such, all designers must begin by writing adventure modules for "Beyond" (which means using the Medly System). After two modules are successfully published, the designer will be hired on a freelance basis. The first two modules will get two payments. One for initial release, and one 4 months later based on sales. Once hired on a freelance basis you will get the initial release payment and then get paid every month depending on sales.

Artists - Looking for experienced artists who can draw from instruction. This too will focus on "Beyond" in the beginning. "Beyond" is a sci-fi/futuristic/apocalyptic/fantasy/horror game and artists must be able to draw as such. You will be paid for each individual piece of art you create.

Editor - Looking for someone who can read through entire books and modules, correcting errors. You will be paid by page count.

Writers - Looking for two different kinds of writers. I want one who can do fiction for the beginning of chapters. They do not need much experience, up-and-comers preferred, but it must be of good quality. Also I am looking for a technical writer who can write up detailed rules and setting information for books and modules (essentially the same as a game designer).

Technical Programmer - Need someone who can create, change, and maintain a website. Also needs to be able to convert documents into PDF format and set up payment systems.

Needless to say all of these jobs will be paid for. It will not be a large payment until the company really sets off (some would be really angry if I used grocery money on a failing company) but after that, you will get a bonus for sticking with it.

If this is not the place for this posting, I won't be offended if asked to take it down.