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11-11-2006, 10:46 AM
Check out this new article White Wolf posted on 2006-11-11 11:31:47:

Gaming Industry Innovators CCP and White Wolf to Merge (http://www.white-wolf.com/index.php?line=news&articleid=629)

Combined company to deliver next-generation gaming products online and offline

Reykjavik, Iceland and Atlanta, GA, USA ? November 11, 2006 - CCP hf. and White Wolf Publishing, Inc. today announced that the companies have e...

11-12-2006, 05:14 PM
White Wolf will leverage CCP's industry-leading technologies to bring its offline role-playing titles online. Conceptualization and early development has begun to bring White Wolf's World of Darkness, one of the world's strongest gaming properties, into the online world.

Now this is exciting news for the MMPOG community. It'll be years before we actually see it, but that's very cool!

11-14-2006, 09:07 AM
This is excellent news for the RPG community as well. EVE is a strong Sci-Fi setting in a classic manner (no magic like the Force, and no cyberpunking dominance) -- you can bet that we will see an EVE RPG.

I figure we will see concept art and preliminary screens for the World of Darkness MMORPG by the middle of next summer, and a release targeted for early 2009 (mind you it's almost 2007 so I'm calling for a two year cycle). Many things that CCP already designed for EVE (netcode, server structure, etc.) can be directly incorporated into a new game. They need to do new art (on an updated engine), incorporate game mechanics to fit WoD, and then do a ton of worldbuilding.