View Full Version : Chandler Area - Dawn of Defiance - Laid Back

01-13-2009, 04:40 PM
I am looking to GM a new Dawn of Defiance lvl1-20 campaign from my home in Chandler, AZ. Game times are not set in concrete yet, but will likely be in the evenings, biweekly. Willing to start campaign in public setting until players are comfortable with eachother.

So far the only Player Character is a good friend and long time D&D player, new to the SW RPG but not new to the SW universe; Looking for 3-4 more players. This is my first time GMing a SWRPG Campaign

Atmosphere is very laid back. Food and beverages provided. All source books provided. Please have passable social skills and good hygiene. A sense of humor will go a long way too :) We cater to both the combat oriented and RPG focused players. You do not need to have ANY pen and paper or RPG or star wars related experience, just a desire to have fun and try it out.

Stats will be point buy, hitpoints will be max per level. No restrictions other then those found in Dawn of Defiance Campaign Standards V1.2

Oh also, there is zero tolerance on any racial, sexual, or other bigotry. This is meant to be a game played away from the stresses of normal douche baggery, and frankly if you can't hang i don't want you in my household.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to gaming with a few of soon :)