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01-12-2009, 11:40 AM
Howdy All,

I have a play by post campaign over at the Twinwand forums (http://www.twinwand.com/smf/index.php?board=72.0) that I have started. I have crafted a series of modules following D&D 3.5 ruleset. The cast of charaters I need is as follows:

The highborn: (fighter / paladin): To be played by Demonspell
The mage: (wizard / sorcerer) : To be played by Akharu
The rouge: (Thief / Bard)
The priest: (cleric / druid)

I hope your interested and you will come and visit at the website!
This is a short preview of the start of the campaign:

Bring him in, the mayor said, sadness in his voice. The two guards escorted ol' Moscott, the hunter and trapper that frequently disappeared for weeks on end up in the crown mountains. The man was rough, by anyones difinition. His face was weatherbeaten, with stringy black hair growing heavily over his brow and framing his face in an almost animalistic aspect. His thick black beard hid even more of his features, creating the illusion that the man was made of hair and startling ice blue eyes. When he spoke, his accent was thick with the accent common to the northern areas closer to Thia.

"They will be here in a ten-day, maybe less, they are coming to Hildenbrook.", Moscott said. The mayor gained a puzzled look, "Who is coming, what are you speaking of?" Moscott grined wickedly, his teeth in front gone black from rot, "The Moonfeast comes to Hildenbrook" the man cackled! You're all going to die in less than a ten-day." Murmers sounded from around the room as the mayor went ghost white. The mayor, his voice shaky asked, "Are you sure of this Moscott, because either way, you are putting us all in grave danger." Moscott replied, " I risked my life even telling you and your council, count your good fortune that you found me last winter and helped me. Else I would leave you to your fate." With that Moscott got up, his leathers creaking as he stood and left.

The moment he was out the door, shouts irrupted inside the room. As the tumult gathered around the mayor, he knew something must be done. He needed hero's... but where to find some?"

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Can you please delete this thread. I made a new one with a better more descriptive title and I do not want to clutter up your boards.