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01-12-2009, 01:12 AM
Gateworld is a nearly 30 year old home-brew setting, and uses heavily modified 1st edition rules. (Knowing 1st ed rules would help, but is not required.) In it, players are free to choose their own missions, or just wander around.

The present group has 2 players running 3 PCs, with 2 NPCs. The characters are Aisha, 1st lvl Tallfellow Halfling druid; Peony, 1st lvl Hairfoot halfling barbarian; Thomas, 1st lvl Human thief; "Priest", 1st lvl Human cleric; and Colleen, cursed and outcast 5th lvl Half-Elf mage.

Thomas is available to be taken over by another player. The group could also use some muscle to back up Peony. And other classes and races are open too.

We have been playing on yahoo IM a couple times a week for a couple hours at a time, on weekday afternoons. We will be using MapTools in the future, so everyone can see where we are.

Currently, the group is exploring a small dungeon, looking for a high level treasure; a Spelljammer space ship that crashed and was hidden there long ago. So far they have located two parts of that treasure.

They also recently found a wine cellar, and after a couple parties, the druid ended up pregnant. So things have gotten interesting, and look to get more interesting as time goes on.

Anyone wishing to join in, should contact bansheguy on yahoo. You must have yahoo, or you wont be able to play, as we play in a yahoo conference window. Players also need to be able to play on weekday afternoons, any time from 1 to 5 eastern time.

This is an old-school game, and it stresses and rewards role-playing, rather the rule-playing.

05-19-2009, 03:28 PM
I am bumping and updating this entry.

At present, we have two full-time players, and two part timers. We would like to have more, specially if they can play regularly.

We meet on Yahoo, as stated above, on Mondays, and other weekdays as our schedules allow. Normally from 1 PM eastern time, until sometime between 3 and 5.

The present group has 4 players running 3 PCs, with 4 NPCs. The characters are Aisha, 2nd lvl Tallfellow Halfling druid; Peony, 2nd lvl Hairfoot halfling barbarian; Cozbi, 2nd lvl half-elf fighter/potential paladin;

The npc's are: Thomas, 2nd lvl Human thief, specializing in "intelligence", charm, and diplomacy; Keslu 2nd lvl human cleric; Dequasi, one-armed ship's captain, hired by the group; Colleen, cursed and outcast 5th lvl Half-Elf mage (Cursed by wild magic. Has one mind, but two bodies. Seen as a deadly jinx by many.); and now Mackt, demi-god level being from another plane, connected to a "black sphere" artifact.

The group has found and is now USING a Spelljammer Squid Ship (A powerful magical flying ship, capable of space travel.), to get around on Gateworld. they have been using it as a mobile base.

At present, they are at a burned out town helping to rebuild it, while preparing for a long and dangerous trip to the other side of the world. The town was burned during a raid by goblins and orcs sent to find and return a powerful artifact. That artifact belonged to the family that ruled the area. That family was the family of the one character who had amnesia when she joined the group. Turns out the family is slightly psychic with each other, and she felt them all die, which is what caused her amnesia. It turns out she and an older brother are the only surviving family members.

The group is going to the other side of the planet, where he is trapped on an island somewhere. He is the rightful heir to the family throne, which is a fiefdom of a larger nation.

The artifact the raiders were looking for, is now in the group's hands. It is a powerful device for seeing and learning things, by using a being from another plane. In using the device for the first time, the group has learned of an impending war on a huge scale. Dark forces are raising a huge army somewhere. That device and being are also how they learned where the character's brother is located.

Some notable entries in mission logs:

During their first flight with the ship, they assisted in a huge sea battle with an enormous Kraken. They also lost a bit of the ship's tail, to another huge and dangerous sea creature.

They encountered a huge slime creature of some kind, that attacked the ship while they were swapping pilots.

They staged an arial attack on a minor goblin camp.

They had a ship-board wedding, of two player characters.

They have been making a lot of friends, amd gained a lot of fame, along the way.

They have made friends and allies with a number of local fairie folk, and with at least one Trent (Gateworld version of Treant).

They are now planning to cross a huge and mostly unexplored continent and ocean. There is no telling what they will find along the way.

During the last session, the entire town was the scene of a huge running battle! A WATER battle! I cant remember the last time I laughed so hard during a session! it was a desperately needed tension reliever, started by one of the players.

Personal notes of interest from the DM:

This may be the last group I ever DM for, and the last time Gateworld ever has players. Because of that, and the fact that no other group has even come close to exploring this realm, I am somewhat "fast-tracking" this group. I am letting them do things, and go places, long before they normally would. And giving them extra insights into setting plots, that I have never given to other groups in the past. It puts them in more danger at times, but the rewards are greater too.

The group could use some more muscle, and spell casting ability. The group has said they could really use a ranger. Another mage, specially an illusionist, would also be welcome. Racially, a dwarf or gnome would be welcome.

While the Gateworld setting is not a beginner's setting, beginners are welcome. But some experience would be very helpful.

And, of course, since we meet in a Yahoo conference room, yahoo messenger is required to play.

10-27-2009, 06:33 PM
Hello. I am VERY new to D&D and I have beeen trying to find a group wo just sit and watch them play from time to time, just to learn the basic mechanics of the game and how everything works and plays out and what not.

If that is ok, you may just add me to your Yahoo list (Screen name is SirHowWeird )

Thank you.