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01-10-2009, 09:44 PM
Normally I don't post here when I make a new blog post, but this time I am actively asking for some input on the direction of my game (Whispering Bluff) and would appreciate if some of you would be a part of it.

Blog Post About Flashbacks (http://tinyurl.com/7sfjml)

I have decided to start using my blog to post about the process of my work on this game, both the good and bad. I wanted to try something new for me, which is being very open about everything during the process, as I tend to be kind of person who usually keeps things relatively close the cuff until I feel it's good enough to share details.

This is especially true of my game creations, as I normally don't like sharing unfinished mechanics and ideas. None of this, however, has served to help me in the process of creating my games in the past, as the first time I really start to get input is during the early playtests, which is well after the game has been written up and mostly baked.

So I wanted to try this whole new thing for me. Share the process with the world, not jut my close friends (who also generally didn't get to see much until it was at least partially baked). If any of you are interested you can either just keep up with my blog in general or just follow the posts that deal with Whispering Bluff. Thanks.

Whispering Bluff Posts (http://www.landofkarn.com/modules/wordpress/?cat=12)
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Soft Serve
01-14-2009, 11:09 AM
So what exactly do you need help with?

I tried the links to your blogs and that other site, and this computer I'm on right now runs too slow for it. I'm moving in a few days, I'll have a stronger computer and I can read everything you got from there, but if you want help with something specifc, unless it's related to statistics in any way (bad with numbers :D), I can help you.