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01-09-2009, 09:21 AM
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One of many instances of the misuse of the shock glove. Sniper is on the roof of a six story building, the two of us have circled around the building and Player 1 has climbed the fire escape to the fifth floor and I am on the ground. Player 1 has a chameleon cloak and an assault rifle. The sniper comes over the roof edge and begins to descend the fire escape. When the sniper's knees are at Player 1's eye level he fires full auto into both the guys knees. This conversation ensued.

GM: Sniper falls to the grating, blood gushing out the plethora of bullet holes in his legs, creaing a mosiac of red down the side of the building.
P1: I interrogate him.
GM: He's unconscious and bleeding heavily.
P1: I slap him around.
GM: He's dead.
P1: What?? I shake him hard.
GM: He's still dead.
P1: I use the shock glove, CLEAR!!
GM: Um...he's still dead.
P1: I set the glove to 7, CLEAR!!!
GM: I don't think you can set a-
GM: You see....he's dead...
P1: CPR, I begin chest compressions.
GM: Dude, after every compression you see a stream of the last of his blood splashing against the wall, you damn neer took his legs off.
P1: Oh yeah, I tournaquet the legs. Shock glove to 8 and CLEAR!!!
GM: Dude, I'm telling you, this guy is dead.

A minute of stern faced concentration later P1 looks at P2 (me) and says,

P1: Well....this guy's dead, lets move on.
P2: (me, crying laughing) I need to go change my pants. (seriously, I peed a little and I'm not embarrased to say so in this situation.)
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At the beginning of the run snippet from above the two of us come across a gang(the target of the run) of 3-4 individuals kicking the crap out of some poor homeless guy.

P2: Let's get in there, hurry.
P1: No, wait, it's too soon, just watch.
GM: How long are you going to wait?
P1: I'll let you know.
GM: OK....well, they beat him and rob him and beat him and now they are walking away.
P1: Are they gone?
GM: Yeah.
P1: Ok, I go over. What do I see? Remember, I have the chameleon cloak on.
GM: Ok, the homeless guy is badly beaten and unconscious.
P1: Ok, I'm going to help him up and walk him over into the alley and try to make it look like he's walking himself.
GM: What..?.?.!?...
P1: Yeah, I'll hold him up and kick his feet and walk him into the alley.
GM: o...k
P1: Then we both lay down and I cover us in trash so we can't be seen and I go through his pockets.
GM: Blank stare and then...he's just been robbed and beaten, he has nothing.
P1: I try to wake him up.
GM: He is beaten into next week andyou don't have the medical training or supplies.
P1: I have the shock glove, can I wake him up with that?
GM: Good God, NO.
P1: Alright, I cover him in trash so the gang won't find him and leave.
GM: Ok
P1: Hmmm, no, that's not gonna work, I'll put him in a dumpster and close the lit but prop it enough for some light and air. I leave.
GM: ok
P1: Hmmm, he's probably gonna be hungy when he wakes up so I go back and drop in a bunch of ration bars. I leave.
GM: ok
P1: Wait, I don't trust this guy, he could tell people about us. I'm going to set a grenade in the dumpster lid so that when it opens it falls into the dumpster.
GM: (silence)
P1: (silence)
GM: ok...
P1: That should about do it.
GM: What about all the rations bars?
P1: Oh, he can keep 'em.
P2: (me, narrowly avoided pissing self)

Notice how I did basically nothing in either of these encounters. It was amazing, it's one of those situations where you just put everything down and watch in amazment at what happens next.:lol:

01-22-2009, 12:42 PM
Way back in 2nd Ed. I had a shaman that I wanted to make really unique. So, working with the GM, we came up with a "Dragon" totem. He started laying out a bunch of abilities and what not for the totem, but to quell any uprising from other players about this "special treatment", he imposed the following on me.

"You think you're a dragon... not in some spiritual namby pamby sense... you think you are a living, fire-breathing dragon. Any attempt by any (N)PC to convince you otherwise results in a "Berzerk" check. Failure of this check causes you to go berserk for however many turns you failed the check by."

We were being chased by a bunch of baddies down in some sub basement that came to a dead end by a solid steel door one time. Everyone was freaking out and only the Decker realized what the GM wanted us to do. Without a moment to spare, he yelled out "You're not a dragon" at me. At that point, everyone started to understand, they all stepped way back, and i proceded to roll..

I failed the berserk check...

And punched a hole in the door...

we lived to fight another day :)

01-22-2009, 06:22 PM
*bad guys ran into a building with the girl the PCs were guarding, PCs in pursuit came to a big vault like door*

Face: come-on, hurry up (to the Decker) they got a hostage in there we don't have much time.
Decker: Crap its going too take to long anyone bring explosives
*flipping of character sheet and shaking heads*
Mage: I got some hand grenades
Decker: How are we going to not have them bounce back and kill us?
Mage: Ducktape, we can Ducktape them to the door
Face: Uncontrolled explosions make me nervous...

05-08-2009, 09:15 PM
Current character I have was working on a run with friends and in the middle of the run, was about to break into some Corp. office building in New Orleans, at that moment as the security started to fire at us, understood that she was on a run for the first time. So instead of being smart and following through I ended up attempting to cast stunball on the guards and running away, but I botched. So I cast the spell on the group and only I was awake at the end. The rest got shot to hell and back and so had to go to get medical attention and spend about 3 months MIA.

I think the only reason the group survived was due to someones platnium docwagon contract. Though now the group trusts me to make deals but not do the runs, claims the character is bad in high stress and violent situations. I think they are upset becuase the person is a shamanic follow of Saint Valentine, a.k.a. lover totem.