View Full Version : Junkyard Dogs

01-09-2009, 12:27 AM
I'm severely itching for a Saga Edition game here in Seattle, and the fine folks over at d20Radio gave a high recommendation for this site. So let's give it a try, eh, Seattlites?

I'm throwing my Junkyard Dogs idea up here for now, mostly just to field an idea. I run an online game over on Holonet of the same name, and I'd be down for doing a live version of the game as well since the concept seem to catch interest there and in another live group that didn't pan out.

So some logistics: Dates listed are what work for me. I'm looking for a bi-monthly frequency, but this is flexible to like a 4-week schedule or more. I'm willing to run this game, but I need about 4-6 committed, adult players. I'm looking for folks that want to game enough to make sticking to an agreed game night schedule some level of priority for the enjoyment of all. I want adults because...I prefer to game with adults. (I'm 26, if that helps you gauge what I think is an adult. Well into college, cool. High school...not really my crowd.) I can host, too. My apartment building is in northern Bell Town and features a comfortable cabana room that I can reserve free of charge. It has a fridge, sink, counter space...street parking in the area usually isn't too bad (and free after 6:00, Sundays...). One big reason I want to host is because I don't have car. I have a motorcycle, but that only serves me when it's nice, warm and dry.

So that's the basics. You've got questions? Let's have em. :-) I just ask that if you think you might be interested, please speak up. No one knows if anyone else wants to play but them if you don't put your name and word down.