View Full Version : TotalCon XXIII Feb. 19-22, 2009 in MA

01-08-2009, 07:40 PM
TotalCon XXIII is gearing up to bring one of the best role-playing experiences this year right to the heart of New England to be held Feb 19-22, 2009 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA.

There are close to 80 rp events, some with multiple slot choices for over 100 gaming choices in role-playing alone!!!

Special GOH is Frank Mentzer, founder of the RPGA and game designer who worked with Gary Gygax at TSR, Inc in the 80's. He will be running games all weekend long. Come join him to experience role-playing like it was in the beginning!

Jay Libby: DillyGreenBeanGames and Cyberpunk v3 artist bringing his special brand of humor, easy to learn rp games, join him and have some fun that is truly beyond ordinary!
www.dillygreenbeangames.com (http://www.dillygreenbeangames.com/)

Brad Younie: Carnivore Games, is returning with his Now Playing and Strangeworld events. Brad's events were well received last year and we highly suggest you give them a try! www.carnivoregames.com (http://www.carnivoregames.com/)

Mark Edwards: writer, Catalyst Game Labs, running Shadowrun events all w/e long. Pre-gen characters available or visit
http://shadowrun4.com/missions/index.shtml (http://shadowrun4.com/missions/index.shtml) for info on character creations.

Andre Kruppa: theatrical GM running Call of Cthulhu games with full lighting, sound, props, and more, bringing new levels of horror to this genre. His games at the northern cons always sell out. A must not miss event. http://www.gamesoapbox.com/games/cthulhu/ (http://www.gamesoapbox.com/games/cthulhu/)

Full 14 slot Living Forgotten Realms www.warhorn.net/totalconfusion2009/ (http://www.warhorn.net/totalconfusion2009/)

TC Realms 3.5, GURPS, D20, AD&D, Castles & Crusades, Pathfinder ,and so much more. Full boardgaming, miniatures, young player areas, exhibit hall and special extras too.

Pre-reg opening in a few days. $30 for 4 days plus ticket fees ($25 with group discount $5 off full w/e regs when 5 or more people pre-reg together, mail-in only, all forms and payments in same envelope). $10 per day pre-reg plus tickets. $40/$15 on-site.

Hotel rates start at just $85 with code TC9 and includes free parking, free shuttle service to and from the Mansfield train station, heated indoor pool and sauna, on-site restaurant and bar, and nearby conveniences.

Come join the fun!!! www.totalcon.com (http://www.totalcon.com/)