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01-01-2009, 05:00 AM
Originally posted on Thursday 01-01-2009 05:58 AM by Crafty_Pat from Crafty Games:

New Year, New Game! (http://www.crafty-games.com/node/759)

The holidays are over and with them go our latest company-wide sale but you can still get a little discount action with DriveThruRPG's newest promotion: New Year, New Game (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/rpg_newyear.php?SRC=ngny&affiliate_id=71282)! Right now, the Spycraft 2.0 Rulebook is part of the Dangerous New Years (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=59570&affiliate_id=71282) bundle. Pick up three full RPGs for only $29.96!