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12-30-2008, 03:19 AM
- Experience in D&D
I picked up dnd 3.5 about three years ago, but before that I was building and creating my own pen and paper RPG gaming systems for myself and my friends
nearly a year ago however I moved to the San jose CA area and have sense lost touch with my gaming buddies. I used to play five times a week with many different parties. Most times DMing but I thoroughly enjoy role playing single characters as well.
I have not touched 4.0 yet however
- Experience in chat based D&D
None really but I hardly see this as a barrier. I do however have a good understanding of how to use RPtools
- Favorite style of playing (RP vs. hack & slash)
I have a very therapeutic approach to dnd. By that I mean, when creating a game as a DM I try to compensate for the needs of my players but not in a way that simply sacrum to their demands. I find that its is important to include inspiring and imaginative role playing elements of the game when appropriate to keep the players feeling connected to the game while always creating dynamic and adaptable combat adventures. (I also try my very best to give my players something to work towards as apposed to just loading them up on powerful weapons items and abilities)