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12-29-2008, 09:12 PM
So, it's winter – it's dark and cold and the holidays are over. If you live in the Boston metro-West area, why not get out of the house one night a week and take part in some face to face, pen & paper gaming? I'll be hosting a “campaign arc” of sessions January to March – longer if folks really get into the group and want to keep things going. The theme is “High Fantasy” using the Savage Worlds system... The emphasis is on "Lite" rules and light-hearted gaming. Bring your mad role-play skills if you have them and they'll be much appreciated, but it's not required.

Vital Statistics:

- Times/Dates: All players so far are flexible between Tues., Wed. or Thurs. nights. I'm leaning toward Wednesday nights. Sessions would start 6-6:30pm and wrap up 10-10:30pm. The group will play a series of sessions with beginning, middle and end. Attendance is relatively open-ended: If you can make it some sessions and not others, that's ok -- just please let me know in advance when you'll be absent.

- Location: Newton Centre (off Parker Street, accessible via Rt. 9, Comm. Ave/Beacon Street and Centre Street). Most accessible by folks in/around the Brighton / Brookline / Needham / Newton / Watertown / Wellesley / Waltham / Weston / West Roxbury areas. Sort of (but not easily) accessible by the T's “D” Riverside Line. Not far from Cambridge/downtown Boston distance-wise, but fighting commuter traffic to the suburbs in the evenings would be tough.

- Setting: High Fantasy based on Savage Worlds rules. “Test Drive” summary of rules available from publisher via free download. I have supplemental homebrew setting materials for download. If you've only known D&D/d20-based systems -- this is the perfect opportunity to check out something different that's easy to pick up and easy to play.

- Misc. details: Street parking is available (overnight parking is not). In the past, we've usually ordered dinner out from the local Pizzeria, BYOD is fine of course. I supply some snacks & soft drinks, players encouraged to bring their own.

- More information: I can be reached at brian@may-apple.com

12-31-2008, 12:16 PM
An additional player has come forward, bringing the total signed up to four... plus word is spreading to other gamers, who these folks believe would also be interested.

Guess I shouldn't have been surprised that most of the players signed up are those with whom I've gamed in the past, who are psyched to hear that I'm putting together something again and are raring to get started. I am humbled. :o

So if you're interested, even if you're thinking "Savage wha'?" and it's outside your known ruleset comfort zone -- if you enjoy an AD&D-like flavor of high fantasy, please drop me a line sooner rather than later! I'd very much like to get people together at the gaming table that can forge new connections.