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12-25-2008, 09:11 PM
Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion

I will be running a Star Wars RPG Campaign; Rise of the Rebellion. The
system that we will be using is the older West End Games edition of
the Star Wars RPG.

It will take place during the rebellion years, the PCs will be working
with the Rebel Alliance in an attempt to destroy the Empires
stranglehold on the galaxy and to gain support from the systems that
have not yet signed on with the Rebel Alliance.

This game will be taking place every other Saturday, alternating with
the Cthulhu International: Dark Reflections Campaign that I run on the off weeks.

or Yahoo IM: masque_du_diable

For those interested in joining this group, here is the email group:


The group as it currently is; a Twilek Privateer Captain, a Brash Pilot, a Slicer, and a Failed Jedi.

As it stands we still have room for 1 or 2 more players.

Deep in the depths of Wild Space, can the crew of the Vendetta find the elusive Clone Wars Era warship; the Leviathan? Or will the Imperials under the Command of Grand Admiral Vorrache get to the Leviathan first. And what about the Imperial Fleet that has been charged with bringing the infamous Captain Mia to justice? Will they have the steel to chase the crew of the Vendetta into the deep wilds of Wild Space?

All of this and more in this coming session of Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion.

The Games Master can be reached at: 419-654-0353 (cell) or Yahoo ID: masque_du_diable or masque.du.diable@gmail.com