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12-21-2008, 06:46 PM
Cthulhu International: Dark Relections

We are looking for players to take part in a Call of Cthulhu Campaign. It will start at 6pm and run until 11 to 11:30pm. This will be a weekly campaign held on Saturdays.

The Investigators are part of an investigative team that works for a paranormal investigative organization known as the Obsidian Group. The Investigators will be researching the unknown, going head to head against dark cultists and worse; all in an attempt to protect the world from that which it need never know of…

All players that wish to be a part of this campaign should know that this campaign setting promotes Role-playing over Roll-playing. There are serious themes dealt with in this campaign and it is not for the light of heart or the weak of stomach. For Mature Players Only.

All those interested in joining can email the the Keeper at: masque.du.diable@gmail.com (masque.du.diable%40gmail.com)

or at Yahoo IM: masque_du_diable