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12-16-2008, 10:04 PM
I've used the cinematic Unisystem to make these races as that is the system I intend to run.this is just the basics. I hope to flesh out each race and cultures in the near future. And as always, your comments are appreciated.

Humans first settled the land of Draumen many centuries before the birth of other races, and are the most numerous on the island. An olive skinned race the humans of Draumen are a hearty folk with a tall male reaching 6 feet and females measuring only slightly shorter. Humans mature at 16 and can live to be 60 years old. Humans are the base race and cost no quality points

A History:
A hundred dug out boats made the journey from a now unknown continent across the sea, of those hundred 26 set shore on Draumen. Over time they settled the land, made it their own, and built cities. The people of Draumen would make war with each other as that seems to be a burden of humans that they can not shake. But despite war and the hardships of the land a society was formed. Their government was simple. The people formed into four tribes based on their region the Suderlander, Hueggelander, the Walderlander, and the outlying Norlander, the only tribe to settle the lands North of the Draumen Mountains. By agreement the tribes made a unified council that would meet at the beginning of each warming season. Though conflict still occurred much was resolved peacefully.

Ab’Erden (Dwarves)

If the myths are to be believed the Ab’Erden, as they call themselves, come from the infidelity of the moon god Mani and his daughter Erden. Much shorter than Humans barely reaching 4 feet they are a wide sturdy people with the strength and durability of their mother. In fact on close inspection their hard skin seems almost rough and chiseled. Their skin tone changes as they age. New born babes are the color of alabaster as the years pass one can see the grey hues of shale; the browns of sandstone and the reds of hematite, truly ancient Ab’Erden take on the cool reflective black of obsidian. If standing still the Ab’Erden would be mistaken for statuary if not for their wild hair, which covers their head and face, a trait shared by both genders when they reach maturity. The Ab’Erden put great value in stone and metal work and treats these crafts as gifts of their mother. Though they are stalwart warriors and great craftsmen the Ab’Erden are unable to harness essence into magic. It is widely accepted that this is due to the fact that they trace their being to Erden and not Sovilo. The lifespan of the Ab’Erden is more akin to that of stone than a living being. After a 3 year gestation a newborn Ab’Erden leaves infancy in their first decade. After 30 more years when their skin turns tan a young Ab’Erden has reached physical maturity and can become a full member of society. An Ab’Erden will continue to age and mature for 5 centuries keeping in top physical and mental condition until that time that their bodies are returned to the earth mother and they turn to stone.
Ab’Erden receives a +2 to Strength and Constitution and can purchase those stats up to 8. The also receive 1 level of natural armor, a + 1 to Mr. Fix It in regards to stone and metal craft. Due to their dense biology Ab’Erden suffer Negative Buoyancy (many Ab’Erden also have a phobia towards deep water because of this). The Ab’Erden Quality costs 5 points.

A bit more history:
The first recorded encounter of a Human and an Ab’Erden as told by a human merchant went something like this. We met the strangest fellows today in the mountain pass on our way back from Norlander country. After a bit of a scare on both sides we both found we shared a common language and soon began to talking. By their recollection they have been in these mountains for 200 years tending their flocks and crops in valleys to the south, though by all accounts no man has seen them before. Upon further inspection of our food and drink a great celebration commenced. Their tools are quite extraordinary and this son of a blacksmith has never seen finer. It seems that the heavens themselves are blessing us and our new friends this day with the most spectacular star shower. Wait a moment, it seems as if this one star is getting a little too close………

Soviel (Elves)

The Soviel were the survivors of the essence attack that most resembled their former selves, though there were still changes. Once as tall as any human they now seem to struggle to surpass five feet. Soviel also have larger than standard ears and eyes, and noses for their head. Their smaller frame made them more agile, and their enlarged facial features give them keener senses. There is one other trait that set the Soviel apart from humans. When the denizens of Draumen discovered the ability to harness essence into magic it was quickly noted that the Soviel had greater stores of this new energy then Humans. The Soviel also benefit from an increased life. Their life cycle is similar to that of humans. A nine month gestation and fully mature by 16 years, Soviel may produce children into their fifties. Where it differs is that the physical signs of ageing are slowed and a Soviel will stay healthy and active up to 200 years, longer if they have sufficient essence pools. All these gifts of Sovilo come at a cost. Like all beings born from the meteor shower they must live near a source of essence. After ten years spent away from Lake Sovilo, the Soviel people begin to suffer from a wasting sickness that will remain until they return to an essence source. This means that Soviel may travel and adventure outside their homelands but no permanent settlements are made too far from any essence source.
Soviel receive a +1 bonus to their dexterity and +2 to perception both stats may be bought up to 8. The Soviel also have 2 levels of Increased Essence Pool. The Soviel quality costs 5 points

And still more History:

The Norlander people were the only group that settled north of the Draumen Mountains. Having no interest in the familiar they struck out on a long pilgrimage and were rewarded for their struggle. Settling on the edge of a great forest they came back to the southlands after many years with great treasures of natural wealth. The Norlan Pine, the dominant species in the Northlands, when mature was resistant to all but the hottest fires. Its saplings were superior for bow staves. Rich dense fur bearing animals and large beasts that could feed a village covered the lands. A great trade caravan became a yearly event. While the southern tribes warred over territory they became a prosperous wealthy people relying on the safety of trade and distance rather then arms. After Sovilo’s Rage the Norlander people tried to carry on as before but found that impossible. Many of their people left their lands for the wilds as their new instincts took hold. Physical differences and needs became apparent and after a time the only people left in the old Norlan homelands were the Soviel.

Mantet: (Halflings)

The Mantet, or little elves, were the last race to appear on the face of Erden. They are an agile race as tall as a dwarf though they lack their girth and strength, but still more hardy then their small stature would allow. They share many of the exaggerated facial features of the Soviel. Claiming everywhere and no where as their home the Mantet are lovers of life, and are born to wander. They laugh easy, are slow to hold a grudge, but exact a vicious vengeance when wronged. Most groups form traveling caravans that will stop in a town trade their wares or services and move on, usually just as their welcome is worn. Their life cycle is that of a human with a life span of 60 – 70 years. Like Humans and Soviel the Mantet may channel essence, however this ability only functions at night.
Mantet receive a + 2 to dexterity which may be bought up to 8, though suffer a -1 to strength and constitution. The have 1 level of Increased Life Points and the 1 point drawback Limited Use (magic only works at night). The Mantet quality costs 0 points.

And history yet again:

Once the Soviel discovered their need to remain close to an essence source some amongst them cried out in rage. They felt a chain was still a chain no matte how long. They cried out to the heavens and the earth for release. Eventually they got an answer. Mani walked the earth to offer them a new way. By giving honor especially to him he would free them from their curse. They could roam the earth free from Sovilo just as he evaded her in the sky. One Soviel he met on his journey expressed concern that Sovilo would be angry at them for turning away from her. To answer this Mani said that he would change these Soviel make them small enough to hide from her gaze, and he would give of his own essence to his chosen to ensure their protection. Though some refused the offer of Mani many accepted. And that is how the Mantet came to be.