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12-16-2008, 09:12 PM
This is the second story that will be kind of a lead up to my campaign. Again I've attached a map, and look forward to your comments and criticisms.

The Forming of the Great Wall (or how magic came to and left the lands of men)

Once the dust settled from Sovilo’s Rage and the new races found their place on the island a new discovery was made that would change the lives of sentient beings everywhere. Magic happened first amongst the new Soviel, but soon Men were able to harness the creative forces of Sovilo themselves. The attack infused the island with essence that could be used to create and destroy. Magic, however could not be used by everyone. The Ab’Erden, because of their racial parentage were not able harness and control essence as the two children of Sovilo could. This new power, along with a strong alliance between the Ab’Erden, the Soviel and the now three tribes of men, over many decades led to a great new society. Where once there were only settlements, cities were built. Borders were drawn, and kingdoms sprung up. The Southlands were given to Men since they were the only beings who could live that far away from Lake Sovilo. The Soviel claimed the Northlands setting their capitol on the south east coast of Lake Sovilo and the edge of the Norlan forest. The Ab’Erden claimed the Draumen Mountain range as their homelands since, according to their history, they had lived there for centuries.

Two hundred years passed, though not peacefully. The Northlands were a constant struggle as races fought each other. People that were once kin were now bitter rivals, great beasts would rise up and attack settled lands. It seemed that the dynamic force of Sovilo was a constant influence on the land. With the help of their alliance, and their strong magical ability the Soviel were able to remain the dominant force in the region but gone were the days of the peaceful, prosperous Norlander.

Where the North saw struggle the south saw peace. Though the human nations would conflict with each other it paled in comparison to what their allies faced. However, due to their alliance the troubles to the North cost the kingdoms of men a great deal in resources and men. There was constant fear that the troubles would one day spill into the South. It was agreed that a great wall would be built across the Keoki river valley, the only pass through the mountains.

The blocks of the wall were carved from the mountains themselves by the Ab’Erden. It was designed by the finest architects and was built on the backs of men. Since it spanned the Keoki River the most powerful Soviel sorcerers enchanted indestructible metal rods that were sent through the water into the bedrock of the mountain. The North gate was shaped like the head of one of the great tusked animals that roamed their lands. The South gate resembled a great ram’s head in honor of the mountain itself. It was a structure of epic scale, and its gates became a base of trade for the island.

Knowing that they now had a shield against the dangers, the men of the southlands were calmed, and life carried on for a time. In the following decades the wars in the North continued to heavily tax the human kingdoms. People feared that the wall would no longer be enough to protect them. The problem with the north was that it was just too dynamic. The essence pouring from Lake Sovilo could not be managed. In time the people began to blame the conflicts on the very existence of magic. Panic spread in the south. A cry went out amongst the kingdoms for ties to be cut from the North, that the alliance should be broken. A gathering was arranged for the leaders of the Alliance. The three human royals, the leader of the Ab’Erden and the, king of the Soviel agreed that chaos could not infect the south lands as well. The alliance would be broken. No longer would the nations of men have any dealings with the Soviel or the Ab’Erden. The borders would be respected. The gates were locked on both sides of the wall that was the crowning achievement of the great alliance. A spell was put on the Draumen Wall to block the flow of essence to the southlands. The last essence in the south was spent on a powerful ward meant to direct people away from the wall so none would be tempted to cross. A side effect of the spell to block essence was the ocean became much more active. A line of storms circled the island of Draumen allowing no ship to pass. The human lands of Draumen were now safe, but alone.

As the years past the traces of magic began to fade. Men learned to accomplish grueling tasks that essence once made simple. When the decades turned to centuries doubt was cast on even the idea of the Soviel or the Ab’Erden. A story would turn up in an inn or campfire and the listeners would chalk it up to one of those over the wall tales like the fish that got away or the boy who broke wind so hard he went from Sud to Waland without hitting the ground. But time does strange things and nothing last forever. Given enough time maybe just maybe the magic will return.