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12-16-2008, 08:56 PM
Well I've finally got some more to share and hopefully improve once all you fine people look it over. This is a reprint from an earlier post that many of you read. I've changed some of the names and hopefully it is a little more clear. This is one of two stories that I came up with to help me shape my world. The second is "The Forming of the Great Wall (Or how magic came to and left the lands of men)"

In the days before the land and all her creatures there was only Sovilo, the sun, and her lover Mani, the moon. Together they danced in the heavens- two cosmic beings sharing the universe alone. Time passed, and out of their dance came Erden, their daughter. As their daughter grew, her parents gave her many gifts. Blue oceans, grey mountains, amber plains, green forests and brown deserts were her raiment. Animals, fishes, Birds were given to her for her pleasure. Her greatest gift was the animal named Man. They made her happiest of all for all the things they could do.

Time passed as time does and Erden grew tired of the gifts of her parents. She wanted to make men of her own design but she could not, for the creation of life was for the sun and the moon. And so it came to pass that Erden interrupted the great cosmic dance of Sovilo and Mani. Erden called out to her father and he came down to her and they began to form a new dance, and out of that dance came beings like man but of Erdenís body and design. These new men, shorter then humans forever marked by the earth, their maker, were given the name AbíErden.

When Sovilo learned of the trespasses of her child and her cosmic lover she became outraged. She began to chase Mani across the heavens. But Mani is quick and has been able to avoid her wrath. And to this day the sun and the moon will never be seen together in the sky.

As for Erden, Sovilo ripped pieces of her flesh and hurled them with might toward her daughter. The impacts shook Erden to her core scarring her face with great craters. The pain and anguish of this caused great tears to well up from Erden many of these scars are now covered by water.

This explosion had far greater impacts for the denizens of Erden. For Erdenís children they became scared of the wrath of Sovilo and turned to their birth mother the earth for protection. To this day the AbíErden dwell below the earth safe from the suns wrath never straying to the surface for too long.

But that was not the only consequence. Sovilo, a being of pure creative force, unleashed a part of that force on the land. She brought magic to the land. The creatures of her design closest to the blasts were permanently changed by this force. Soviel, an essence changed human was now seen, as were satyrs, gryphonís and other strange animal hybrids. Mighty beasts sprung up in the seas, and plains, and mountains. Not even Erdenís dwarves were without change as some changed into trolls and ogres before they could seek the safety of their mother.

Time passes as time does and these creatures old and new began to find their places in the way of things. Erdenís scar, still the heart of magic draws the beings who were created by terrible day forever connected to its power while beings made before that day remain independent of that source and populate farther lands. And that is how lands we live in have come to be.