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12-15-2008, 01:12 PM
Crusade of Conscience

It is the Year of Our Lord Thirteen Hundred and Sixty. Edward III is on the throne of England and France, and there is peace with Avalon if not with those bastards in France that deny His rightful rule.

The Black Death is a generation in the past but it's ravages are still felt on the land and the fear of the plague is still heavy upon the people. Some still blame the Fair Folk even through in the worst of the plague it was the Prince of Avalon that gave Edward III the key to banishing the dread disease.

The fight for the Holy Land continues, and many are the the Knights that travel forth to do battle with the Turk. Fewer are the Knights that return.

You are the new made Knights of The Earl of Shropshire. Fresh in your honors you now seek to make names for yourselves.

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