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12-15-2008, 12:28 PM
I have just set up my new campaign "Splintered Megalopolis" in the play-by-post section. Anyone that is interested in playing a D&D4E campaign starting at 1st level and ending at 30th is invited to check it out.

The vast city of the old empire was long abandoned and overrun with a tide of monstrosities. The old ways have perished. The empire fell because of the pact the warlocks made with the "Infernals". The foul half breeds the Tiefling are on the rise even though they have endured persecution for thousands of years. There is a ray of hope in all of this darkness. Sanctuary. A small settlement dedicated to reclaiming the splintered megalopolis that once was the mighty empire. They seek to rid the city of the foul creatures that have slunk in over the centuries. They have a toehold on the edge of the city. Each day can mean the end of sanctuary, or it can mean they reclaim another portion of the broken streets. A call has gone out to brave adventurers who wish to show their virtue, claim some glory, or just collect the reward offered for reclaiming a section.

This is my first play by post game, so be patient if I don't know all of the ins and outs.