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12-15-2008, 11:31 AM
A terrible plague has swept through the city of Cairdus, and despite the local clergy's best efforts, they have been unable to control the spread of the disease. Even those who seem cured often contract the disease again. The only thing that is making any headway are the special blessings given by the powerful Baron Velstaf, but he only grants these blessings for a price that few can afford.

The Star of Olindor is an adventure designed for 7th-level rogue, or other character of similar abilities. The obstacles in the adventure are set up to encourage the use of stealth and trickery, and many rely on classic rogue skills. The adventure takes place in the city of Cairdus, the details of which have been intentionally left imprecise, so that it can be easily slipped into an existing campaign, or better yet the adventure can be altered to take place in any existing city.

Game Background:
This game will be run using the Pathfinder Beta rules for character generation and other game mechanics. This is a Solo game being run for one character.

Game Opening:
After being summoned to Father Arden's chambers you quickly make your way up the steep winding staircase which leads up to top of the only tower in the church. Having been summoned many times to Father Arden's chambers over the last year this summons doesn't come as a surprise. What is curious is the manner in which you were summoned; a note written in Father Arden's own hand using the secret code that only you and Father Arden are privy too; a code that you taught Father Arden many months ago.

As you enter the chambers you see Father Arden is dressed in a simple brown robe with the symbol of his order embroidered in green on the chest. He smiles at you and says, "Kedgyn I've heard you have been busy lately, so I will be brief. You are no doubt aware of the plague sweeping the city, and you may also be aware that the only cure seems to be a magic item in the possession of Baron Velstaf and he uses it only for a price. Now I need to tell you that if the Star of Olindor were to come into our possession the church would greatly appreciate it and it would be used for great good through out the city. I have asked you to do some "things" from time to time for the church as payment to your debt to Densa but this is a favor to me personally. Baron Velstaf has always been a blight to the good people of Cairdus but this is something that can't be tolerated. "

Father Arden stands from behind his desk and makes his way over to where you are standing. "I have had the temple contacts and network looking in to information about this disease and these are some facts I have been able to come across. Our contacts in these matters are pretty reliable and I believe this information to be viable. Local clerics and wizards are doing everything they can think of to fight the plague, but have had very little success. The only thing that seems to be successful in dealing with the spell are the blessings given out by the wealthy and powerful Baron Velstaf, but he only grants these blessings to those who can afford to pay a sum of 4,000 gp. Baron Velstaf's success is caused by a magic item he recently acquired called the Star of Olindor. The magic protections have nothing to do with Velstaf himself, and anybody who possessed the Star could similarly ward off the disease."

Father Arden pauses and clears his throat. "I have also gathered some information on the "good" baron himself. Baron Velstaf is a wealthy and powerful noble living in the outskirts of the city, who has earned most of his wealth through selling weapons and armor. He comes from a respected family. Those who know him think Velstaf is a friendly but ruthless man. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to maintain his profit margins. Many think he is somewhat cruel. Velstaf has been implicated in illegal activities before, such as the mysterious disappearance of one of his competitors, and he has been accused of treason for supplying weapons to orcs and other enemies of humanity. He was never arrested or tried. Velstaf is said to have his own personal dungeon where he jails trespassers, and occasionally others who incur his wrath."

Father Arden seems to slow down towards the end and looks you directly in the eye. "You know I never ask you how you are able to do some of the things you have done for the church in the past. I know in your heart you are a good man and in this case I feel that you will be tested to your limits, but I need not remind you how important it is to the people of this city. Now do you have any questions before you head out?"

12-15-2008, 11:35 AM
Kedgyn takes a few moments to think about what he's just been told. A few scant steps take him to a desk in the chamber where he sits. "Father, just a few questions. Are Paladins immune to this disease? Also, do you have any drawings of the Star? Is it a small bauble, or some type of staff? Do we have any Parishioners in his employ or that make deliveries to his estate?"

(OOC: Being a local, and a rogue of some success, what information do I have regarding the Baron and his place of residence?)

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12-15-2008, 11:40 AM
Father Arden slowly makes his way back to his seat behind his desk and sits in his oversized stuffed chair. Father Arden reaches into his waist coat pocket and retrieves an intricate silver inlaid key. After admiring the key for a moment Father Arden leans over to his right and opens a drawer from his desk with the silver key. Father Arden pulls out a larger folder of papers which are written in a script you are not familiar with. Father Arden looks at you with a gleam in his eye and says "You're not the only one who knows how to deal in knowledge Kedgyn. The Church keeps meticulous records on everyone who lives with in the city walls; knowledge is power."

Thumbing through the papers Arden stops at one particular set of papers with hand drawn sketches of what appears at first glance to be some sort of manor house. Mutter more to himself Father Arden says "Ah, Whitehall Manor." After sorting the papers and reading over them for a few moments Father Arden brings his attention back to you. "Whitehall Manor is a large manor house surrounded by a stone wall. The style of architecture is elegant and not overly complicated. The gently sloping roof is broken by the two small tower-like rooms at opposite corners of the house. The style of house and exterior ornament dates the house at roughly 100-150 years, although the strong outer wall is a much more recent addition; I'd say in the last 20 or so years. The servants entrances from houses of this period were typically easier to enter then the front entrance."

Father Arden starts muttering to himself, nothing you can make out. "Ah, yes. Madle Relling that was her name. Yes, Yes. She was a devout follower of Denas until she had a "Falling Out" of personal importance. I haven't seen her in sometime, I hope she is doing well. Well, enough rambling. I do believe last time I talked to her she was a member of the kitchen staff in the Baron's manor. She would be someone you might want to search out and speak too." As for the description of the Star of Olindor, I haven't seen it myself as I'm not welcome in the Baron's manor house. But I have spoken to a few people that were "healed" by it's powers. It was described by one of our followers as a glittering crystal hung from a thin mithral chain; silver in color and a thin green ribbon intertwined around the four points of the star."

Father Arden once again starts flipping through more of his documents, stopping at a certain page. This paper you can make out and it is written in common, although a flowing well written long hand. After reading the report Father Arden looks up at you once again and says "Sir Beltair" a Paladin in the service of Denas has said that he appears to be immune to the ravages of the disease. Sir Beltair also goes on to say that the godly protections of Denas protect him for all diseases magical or otherwise. He said that he has never heard of a Paladin of Denas ever being inflected with a disease once their faith has grown strong enough."

12-15-2008, 11:49 AM
Kedgyn bows his head to the venerable Father uttering a blessing of Denas. Raising his eyes to the man across from him, he asks, "Father, if you have a map of the estate, may I make a copy of it? Even just a sketch of the layout of the grounds would be of help." he takes a moment for thought before asking, "Do we know what Family drew the plans and built the mannor and its wall?" A plan seems to be formulating in the mind of the Rogue turned Priest and a familiar glint can be seen in his calculating gaze.

The lithe man proudly displaying the symbol of his still new Patron Diety adds, "The Woman, Madle...was her falling out with the church, the Baron or both? What details do we have on her situation and where was she seen before her disappearance?"

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12-15-2008, 11:54 AM
As Father Arden looks at the paperwork in front of him he says "Kedgyn, sorry I can not be of further help; the sketches I have are only rough drawings of the architecture on the buildings nothing that would give you any type of layout or other information."

Father Arden pauses for a moment and adds "As for Madle, I haven't seen or talked to her in sometime. Madle's husband was killed while out hunting with the royal hunters of the city and she blamed his death or lack of protection on our beloved goddess Denas. Since then she has refused to speak with me or come to the church, even with her miss guidings I know she is a good woman and should be willing to assist you if you are gentle in your approach. I must excuse myself as I have meetings with the church counsil in a few moments. I trust you have everything you need; if you need further assistance you can always contact me. Good Luck Kedgyn, and may Denas bless you." Father Arden looks back down at the mess on his desk and seems to lose himself in his work.

12-15-2008, 11:56 AM
The scrape of the chair on the floor is the only sound made by Kedgyn as he stands, making a sign of blessing. "Thank you for your faith in me Father." Like a whisper, the man leaves, gently closing the door behind him.

As he descends the winding staircase, he makes a mental list of things to be done in preparation for his assault upon the Baron's estate. First course of business, worship. Then it's time to go home to the streets of the city where the formative years of his life were spent developing skills of skulduggery now being used for the better good.

(OOC: I'll send you my small list of spells. I'll be going to speak with any of my contacts that may know a royal hunter, unless I am familiar with them.)

(OOC - You are familar with the "Royal Hunters" as a group of mercenary ranger types the Baron keeps on staff to help supply him with food for the manor. Also, you would easily be able to get Madle's last known address from the Church's Keeper of Records. His office is in the basement of the church, you know him as Frair Contrel.)

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12-15-2008, 06:28 PM
After the completion of his prayers, Kedgyn wastes no time going to see the records Friar. That man will have the information needed to find Madle.

Not wanting to draw any undue attention to himself or his activities, Kedgyn waits until the Friar is alone.

"Good Friar, I've been asked to look in on an old Parishioner. A woman by the name of Madle, perhaps you could assist me with the location of her home?"

12-23-2008, 11:33 AM
The Friar barely looks up at you as you enter the room. Although you have never met Friar Contrel he seems look at you as someone that has known you for a long time. As the friar looks back down at his paperwork he says "Ah, I figured I would run into "you" one day. I don't know why the good father allows you to stay with us; if it were up to me you would be where your "kind" belongs, in chains or at the end of a noose." Shuffling papers he seems to regain his composure and says "What may I do for you, Kedgyn isn't it?"

12-23-2008, 06:23 PM
The Rogue turned Cleric maintains his composure. This isn't the first time he's experienced this kind of reception from one of the 'brothers'.

"Good day, Brother Contrel. The Blessings of the Goddess upon you." is his initial reply. He waits a moment, allowing enough time to pass that the Friar would naturally look in his direction, if for no other reason than to see why he's gone silent. Behind a smile of practiced sincerity Kedgyn finally voices his question, "I'm looking for a woman named Madle. She had a bit of a row with the church and I need to her last place of residence."

Then, the seasoned looking man waits.

12-24-2008, 11:47 AM
The ancient Friar slowly looks up at you. You can tell he is weighting you with that stone-like gaze; you think he could give a basilisk a run for its money with that look. You also wonder to yourself, why Friar Contrel hasn’t been elevated higher with in the church after so many years of devoted service. Friar Contrel's gravelly voice brings you out of your thoughts. "Madle, Madle yes I know that name. What business do you have with her, boy?"

12-25-2008, 07:06 PM
Kedgyn decides to play it a little cagey, but polite, "I've been tasked with speaking to her." he shrugs, "I suppose it has something to do with her standing." Time to change the subject. "Friar, you're well respected. Did you choose to stay on as the records Clerk? I only ask because I wish to increase my own knowledge about movement within the church." (Bluff/Diplomacy)

12-26-2008, 12:44 PM
"More likely the good Father has tasked you with something that goes outside of the influence of the church. Since I don't want to waste my time with checking your request since I'm sure it's something that I wouldn't approve of; I'll just tell you. You can find Madle at Whitehall Manor where she works for the Baron." The Friar seems to remember who he's talking to and regains his stony exterior. "As for my place in the church, when you have been around for a few more decades I might feel inclined to discuss church business with you. You maybe excused."

12-26-2008, 01:12 PM
Kedgyn bows his head to the Friar. Replying with as much serenity as can be mustered he says, "Of course, Friar. Thank you for your time."

Upon leaving the church, Kedgyn goes to the market. (OOC: I want to talk to some of the vendors that sell supplies to Whitehall Manor.)

12-26-2008, 01:48 PM
After spending a few hours wandering in and out of the market, you come to the conclusion that other then small orders here and there the Whitehall Manor is pretty self sufficient. They grow and hunt for most of the food they need, and they have a working smithy, cobbler, Tannery and other skills on Manor's land. Some merchants aren't too happy when you bring up the topic of “Whitehall Manor”; they believe that the Baron should be doing more to promote the economic welfare of the town. Most of the merchants believe the Baron is in a better position then the town it's self if there ever was a prolonged siege or other calamity in the area.

12-26-2008, 02:31 PM
Gathering information is rarely a task of instant gratitude. But, having access to people disgruntled with the subject makes things considerably easier. Kedgyn plys his trade on some of the more angry merchants in an attempt to get a lead to someone that may have more information on Whitehall or perhaps know someone that could be bribed into giving up information on the Baron and his estate. (OOC: Gather Info, Bluff)

01-02-2009, 08:39 PM
After speaking with the vendors, merchants and other people in the town market you were able to come up with two viable clues to the Barons.

1. Baron Velstaf is said to have his own personal dungeon where he jails trespassers, and occasionally others who incur his wrath.

2. Houses of this style and time period often had secret passage either leading directly outside, or connecting the main house to the servant’s quarters.

The main over all feeling that you get from the townsfolk is that the Baron Velstaf isn't liked or trusted very much by the populace.

01-03-2009, 03:49 AM
Doing your homework is important for any assignment and Kedgyn is an exceptional student when it comes to this type of work.

Hatching a plan to get into the Manor, the clever Rogue goes to talk to another Acolyte of his religion. Upon finding one of the brothers that was initiated at the same time as him, Kedgyn opens a dialogue with the man.

"Good day, Brother. I'm on an errand for the church and I was wondering if you could assist me?"

01-07-2009, 10:41 AM
As you enter into the church of Densa a lay brother approaches you. Bowing the brother says “Good day to you brother, I hope you are well in the eyes of Densa. What may I help you with this glorious day?”

01-07-2009, 11:04 AM
Kedgyn motions the brother to follow him to an area where they can speak more privately. Once there, he explains, "I'm on a mission for the church. It requires some sensitive...explorations of Whitehall Manor. I need someone who can watch some of the guards from the Manor the next time they come into town. If they begin to return to the Manor, I need to be informed, magically. Can you help me Brother?"

01-07-2009, 01:33 PM
The brother looks at you a bit quizzically and says “I’m very sorry brother, but I’m not entirely sure how I can help you. What is it exactly you are asking of me?”

01-07-2009, 01:55 PM
"Brother, I was hoping you could cast a spell to send a message to me when the guards are returning." He glances around, "I need to do some checking on the Manor and in such a way that no one will suspect what I'm doing."

01-07-2009, 04:58 PM
The brother shifts his stance a bit from one foot to another while glancing around. "I'm not really an expert on the Whitehall Manor but I don't believe the guard ever "leave" the manor. From what little I know there are always guards at the hall. The Baron is very protective of his estate. Why don't you just walk up to the front door like everyone else? I don't think they would mind you showing up at the manor."

01-09-2009, 10:53 AM
Kedgyn takes the brother's words to heart and leaves for his own home. There, he intends on disguising himself, even if only mildly, then going to the Manor as a visitor for the day.