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12-03-2008, 02:34 PM
I just started running a campaigna few weeks ago, it is set in world of darkness using vampire: the requiem , werewolf: the forsaken, armory and obviously the core world of darkness book, it is set in barrow alaska ala 30 days of night the players play werewolfs who have been working a expanding their terrortory in the frozen tundra for some time but when the long night approaches one PC's brother shows up at the door step (a wolf blooded human who is close to the change) saying that the entire family was killed by a coterie a vampires calling themselves the circle of the white thorns and they are coming there to get him his brother and all of his pack for reasons i will omit from this post in case my players find it somehow, but the brother character is a 45 year old former military doctor who has gotten a job at the local hospital because he cant bring him self not to help while he is there and who knows maybe he will be glad he did,
meanwhile the brother of said doctor fortifies the house and alerts his pack that a large and powerful coterie is coming to snuff them out "for reasons unknown"

the coterie of vampires is 15 strong 3 from each clan and they are all unaligned because to be in said coterie you are not allowed to have other ties that come first (ive thought this through i have even gone so far as to write up a few articles for the in game newspaper so they have a sense of what the town is doing meanwhile) the coterie also has a bunch of ghouls(the only thing the group has had close encounters with so far since in game its still day time with 12 days until the "30 days of night") also important to say is the fact that these vampires all worship a ghost anchored to a full size roman crusifix that they believe to be a prophet of sorts

i have drawn up a overview map for the town dictating the packs territory the location of glades barrens loci where the pure tribes hang out and where the very few local vampires hunting grounds are(not to be confused with the vampires that are after the PCs)

but anyway i typed all this up because i wanted some help because i need some plot points to throw in and heck if you want to join our group and you are local by all means we meet at epic hobbies and games in whitehall every other sunday

i may add more later if i remember something but if you have any ideas of what i should add please help me out and post it here

12-03-2008, 09:55 PM
Wow Sounds wicked fun. I haven't had a chance to play WtF yet. To make sure there is enough WtF flavor I would do something with the spirit world as well. I'm guessing that all the day light spirits start acting up because they know that they are going a way for a while. Or something like that.

12-03-2008, 10:23 PM
wow didnt even think about anything like that im definately gonna use that