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11-20-2008, 07:54 PM
I know the first edition of the rules of a number of dinosaur types, but I'm working on a module where the characters are transported to their world's past and I was wondering if anyone has ever created any prehistoric versions of creatures like goblins or even gelatinous cubes.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
11-20-2008, 09:46 PM
Wow, sounds like fun. First thought that came to my head were the Sleastack(sp?) from Land of the Lost. Otherwise the Greys(aliens) have a past, present, and future version of themselves, if you find that kind of trivia interesting. Both of which i made in my rpgs, but i digress.

You got to share with us your inventions of said character races, it would be really interesting to see.

Heck, the more i think about it, the more fun designing them it sounds.

Apologies for not being more helpful, but your idea caught my imagination.

11-20-2008, 10:19 PM
G-cubes? I don't see that one going far. However the Goblin question is a good one.

Some might argue that say Goblins were once one of the more advanced fife forms that have failed to evolve. So you get the goblins as the only Humanoids. Gee, you mean men and elves are more advanced, those things? Could happen.

Or you have a separated population situations and the Ur-Humanoid is a different creature altogether whose isolated populations will one day form the types they are now familiar with. They come to a time when you have the ur-beast in discrete populations, and some are a little orc like, some are a little elf like, some are a little man like, but they are are clearly still the same creature.

Or take the brute approach, make them bigger tougher, dumber.

Conversely, they are smaller and sneaker. Sort of ultra nasty gibbons with a mean steak a mile wide.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
11-20-2008, 10:26 PM
G-cubes could be some kind of sludge with similar abilities, then a magick using race(long since extinct) saw their potential and magically injected a kind intelligence and form to them to suit their purposes(it could have been successful, a failure, or both-you decide). You could even design an adventure around it. Having the party, through adventuring, find out the existence of this long lost race, and the history of the g-cube as well.

Oh man, the hampster wheel in my brain is going full speed now. Think i'll ponder creating an adventure around g-cubes. How does this fit in with acient goblins? Perhaps, the magick of this long extinct race forever derailed the goblin evolution. Maybe this race saw goblins with too much potential and did something about it.

Heck, make this race a kind of creator race, always designing, improving, and derailing races of old... then something went very, very wrong, and their race was consequencly destroyed through magic... or were they? <cue in evil laugh>

This would even allow you to have the magic using adventurers find some kind of very old unknown magic to add to their spellbooks.

addendum: perhaps goblins were that magical race, but their powers to create, destroy, and alter races angered the gods and they were cursed, their evolution forever being derailed.

11-20-2008, 10:36 PM
I can't see the G-cub as anything other than what it already is. As for goblins and such I would think they would be mostly the same, just bigger and stronger. I once read myth some where that said that ocrs where cursed elves so you could run that gambit and say its before they where cursed.