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11-17-2008, 11:17 AM
I'm starting to read up on Social combat in Exalted because it came up within 5 minutes of starting play, and the players had treated Exalted character creation like every other RPG and used the Social attributes/abilities as dump stats. So, obviously they want to actually use their social abilities but didn't realize ( or ignored? ) the fact that Exalted has pretty detailed rules for, i.e. convincing someone to do something.

I have never used these rules, and ignored them on the first session. But they are there, and I've never used anything like this before, so I'm hoping for any tips/examples/suggestions from people who have actually used those rules in Exalted. ( pitfalls, good points, tweaks you have used, etc. )

11-17-2008, 12:31 PM
Sorry I don't run Exalted and I've only played one horrible session (like I haven't ever had a worse experience) but I can relate to you problem. I had some D&Ders playing Vampire and of course the tankish guy took all physical and uber combat powers. He tried to pump a fledgling Ventrue for information but the Ventrue Dominated him, after that he started spreding out the XP over all the abilities. So my advice is poor through the book for some low end powers that will easliy tip the balance.

11-17-2008, 01:21 PM
Lol, my best quick advice is that the Charm Mastery of Small Manners is a pretty good (almost vital) first charm for social combat. It's cheap (only 1 mote) and Reflexive so it doesn't take up your whole action. It reduces the Magnitude (group size trait) of your opponent's group by 1 to a minimum of 0, increases your Appearance by 1 (giving you a better chance at defense and possibly decreasing your opponent's defense) and automatically gives you the basic motivations of everyone participating in the social combat.

I'd equate it to the early vital defense Charms like Shadow Over Water or Dipping Swallow Defense. I wouldn't make a social character without it the way I wouldn't make a fighting character without one of the two charms I just listed.

Edit: Also do not ignore Intimacies, Virtues and Motivation. They can afford you +1, +2 or +3 to mental DVs, respectively. For example, if I try to convince you to take an action against an Intimacy (for example your loyalty to your nation) I would roll [Charisma or Manipulation] + Presence to try and convince you against your MDV. You would get a +1 to your MDV, though, because you are loyal to your country. If it was your Motivation to defend your country against all harm, then you would get a +3 to your MDV.

In another example pretend you are a Compassion 3 character. Say I have discovered you have a personal relationship with one of the ministers in the government and I tried to get you to expose some indiscretion of theirs. Throwing over a friend or lover goes against the grain for a high Compassion character, so you might get a +2 to your MDV because I'm trying to persuade you to act against your Compassion Virtue.

It can get kind of confusing, especially since a clever social character could use their knowledge of you to use the argument that would increase your defense the least. Strategy does come in to play, as does stunting.