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11-03-2008, 02:56 PM
Here is some info on my campaign-

I am ready to run either of two campaigns- my own campaign in the land of "Oath" or my own flavor of Forgotten Realms. I can run anything from old school D&D to D&D 3.5 (leaning toward 3.5- don't have 4.0 yet).

I am leaning toward running my own campaign- I think it has the right mix of the familiar and the unknown to get a group of players interested in exploring. There won't be any of the "oh yeah, I know this town, I have this supplement" etc. I believe that the newness of the campaign for those who haven't explored it before brings a good deal of excitement that is sometimes lost when people play packaged campaign worlds. Don't get me wrong- those 'packaged' worlds certainly have thier advantages and it is nice to be able to go from one DM to another and still feel 'at home'. I think that "Oath" will give players, old and new alike, the opportunity to EXPLORE again. To not necessarily 'know' exactly what is 'around that bend in the road'


A bit about "Oath". No one alive now knows why the known world is called "Oath". It is a land steeped in ancient mysteries.

Mankind is now just begining to emerge (some say re-emerge) from the Bronze Age. The secret of Iron is finally beginning to become known to a few of the human horseman tribes as they trade with the ancient race known as the Dwarves. The humans are mainly horseman- a nomadic race of people (think native american horse tribes) whose tribes war among themselves for most of the year and then meet in the 'meeting place' in the center of their plains once a year to hold contests, pick cheifs, inter-marry, and trade. There are also other human 'tribes'- ranging from degenerate cave-dwelling peoples to barbarian raiders who live in the cold lands to the North but these are not as numerous or as 'organized' as the horsemen. They occupy great plains in the center of the land- between the great forests of the North, the Gods' Teeth mountains to the Wast, the Dragon Horn Mountains to the South, and the Dwarven Empire of the Elements and Gnomish Mountains of
Fire toward the East.

Unwillingly sharing the plains to the South are a race of Hobgoblins who are also horsemen. They are truly nomadic raiders who war constantly among themselves and the other races (more along the lines of Earth's Mongols).

Nestled between the arms of the Gods Teeth Mountains and the Dragon Horn Mountains is a race of warlike halflings called the Hofytla. They, along with the help of their Gnomish allies to the Northeast build a huge wall to protect themselves from the raids of the Hobgoblin horsemen. Secure behind their wall this race of Hofytla florishes in a feudal society. They actively trade with the Gnomes with the help of an actual stone road that runs from their lands to the Fire Mountains. They patrol this road guarding the caravans of their traders from the raids of their traditional enemies, the Hobgoblins.

The Gnomes live in and among several mountains that are somewhat volcanically active. Here they produce all manner of wonders- things far beyond the dreams or imaginations of the 'lesser' races. Though they do actively trade, they are careful to keep the lesser races ignorant of their secrets. They are allied with the Hofytla and staunch allies with their cousins the Dwarves.

The Dwarves have several holdings in both major mountain ranges however the only place they can truly be called a 'nation' is in the Empire of the Elements to the East of the great plains. This ancient holding was once a settlement of their 'master race' the legendary 'Fir Bolg'. Here there are 5 stone walled cities, one for each direction and one, the greatest of them all, in the center. Each city is ruled by a great dwarf from a throne representing one of the major elements- Earth to the West, Fire to the South, Water to the East (toward the ocean), and Air to the North. In the center, ruling them all, is the Overlord or Emperor of the Elements. A warlike race, the Dwarves hold the secrets of working all types of metal, a secret the jealously guard though recently they have begun trading iron with some of the humans of the plains.

The elves or "Fey" as they are called by most, live in the wildest areas of the Oath, the forests of the mountain ranges and the great forest of the North being their greatest haunts. Cold and aloof seeming to most of the other races of Oath, their beautiful settlements set among natural settings may be missed by travelers unless they want to be seen. Cousins of their one-time masters, the "Sidhe", they are a race that naturally takes to magic and lives in harmony with the natural world. They are not fond of Dwarves (the feeling is mutual).

The Sidhe and the Fir Bolg- These two ancient races are said to be from 'otherwhere'- someplace outside of the known world. Some say they are from another plane of existance while others say they are from another world. Know one claims to know. All is known of them is that they once enslaved all the races and used them as armies to fight each other as well as slave labor for any works that they needed completed.

The Side are Fey-like though taller in stature and much more mysterious and cruel- Cold and aloof they are the lords of all the races- or so they consider themselves. They once enslaved the Fey (some say they still have elven slaves in their lands to the north) as well as the humans and the hobgoblins and other goblin races. They are the masters of the natural world- forest and stream, snow and ice are their elements.

The Fir Bolg once enslaved the Dwarves, the Gnomes, and the Hofytla. They live still in the mountain ranges of the world deep in thier ancient warrens and tunnels. They are larger than Dwarfs though they look much like them and are 'closer to the earth', so to speak. Some say they are made of stone. They are the masters of stone and fire and it is said they can mold metal like clay.

Long ago there was a rebellion by the 'lesser races' after they had become too numerous for the ancient races to control any longer. The resulting cataclysm sundered the world- reshaping the continents and casting down great empires. The races of the world are only now coming out of the darkness to face an unknown future...


Sorry for such a long explanation of my campaign. There is much, much more. I got a little carried away but I didn't feel like a couple of lines would do it justice.


11-04-2008, 09:01 AM
You world of Oath sounds really interesiting. Depending on the day/time that you want to play, I'd be interested in joining.

11-05-2008, 09:01 AM

I looked at your profile and you look like a pretty good fit for the campaign. I like the fact that you are so heavily into roleplaying (I am that way myself). I have run games in the past where several sessions would go by without any combat whatsoever (and sometime barely any die rolling). I add just enough combat to make things interesting.

We will be playing on Sunday evenings (looks like this fits your profile times) at my house in Missouri City (south of Sugarland). I am not sure where you are in Houston but we should be within the 40-mile distance specified in your profile. I say this because I have had some interest by persons in Spring and other places...

Send me an email with your name, etc., and I will send you more info. We are planning on getting together the weekend after next to create characters and get to know each other (and hopefully still get some gaming in).

Thanks for your interest.