View Full Version : Wildshape; some please tell me how the heck it works...

10-28-2008, 03:24 AM
I am trying to make a 'Feral' Druid who is going to take VoP for the extra bonuses because he isn't wearing armor anyway. The only problem is that after about 2 hours searching through the books, dozens of Google searchs, and the circular directions of PH and MM ("See Polymorph", Polymorph states "See Alter Shape", Alter Shape says nothing about turning into a combat system...) I still have no idea how it works. So, to the good and decent people of the internets, I have a list of questions:

1. I know my Con, Dex, and Str change depending on the form. Does my Attack Bonus change? At level 6, I can turn into a Brown Bear. Mr. Bear has a +hit of like 4, where a level 6 Druid could easily have 8 or 9 to hit with a bow.

2. How do I figure out my HP while as an Animal? Do I still use the Druid's D8 and just change it based on what my new Con is?

3. This is simply a plea to anyone who has actually gone through this mess and played a Druid who used Wildshape; what animals at what level do you suggest one turns into so as to be a useful in combat?

Best of luck to all of you.