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10-26-2008, 02:36 PM
Would this not be a cool futuristic RPG? Plus you could take a lot from the games that have come out (Infection, Mutation, Quarantine, and whichever one I forgot) and the shows and have tons of information. It seems Dark Future to me, because obviously the technology for the game is futuristic, and what isn't dark about the risk of becoming lost in a video game?

Throw me ideas!!!!!!

10-26-2008, 03:54 PM
Ok, so there are no replys and either none are interested (which is likely) or many of you don't know about .hack at all, so I am going to post a bit about it here.

A german named Harold fell in love with a poet named Emma. Emma was working on a poem called "The Epitaph of Twilight" when she was killed in a tragic car accident.

As a sign of his love Harold created a game called 'Fragment' so that he would create an AI (artificial intelligence) virtual daughter to act as the one him and Emma never had. This AI is to be created through the emotions of players in the game (since 99% of people are happy playing a game).

To nuture this AI, he created another AI called Morganna to look after Aura (the daughter AI). Once Morganna discovered that she would be deleted (die) once Aura was fully formed, she decided to stop Aura's growth.

So in her betrayel Morganna trapped a player's conciousness in The World (the new name for Fragment) who was a victim of child abuse and neglect. She used this player (Tsukasa) to feed Aura negative emotions and thus stall her growth. The player's real body went into a coma.

Sound interesting? There is A LOT more, but I am just trying to give ya'll an idea.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
10-26-2008, 04:36 PM
Sounds kind of like a cross between Tron (movie and game from the 1980's), and The Matrix. I cant really speak for anyone else here on these boards, but i have never heard of it. Can you give us even more detail on said idea. Thanks.

10-26-2008, 05:11 PM
I like the .hack// idea I just don't think it has been very well executed. However if it were converted to PnP gaming it would be a completely different experience although I still don't know if it would be enjoyable.

10-26-2008, 05:31 PM
i enjoyed watching the series. a lot was left obscure, though, so a book would have to clarify a lot. i've seen sign, dusk, and liminality. interesting ideas, but needs more development. it would make for an intriguing rpg in the hands of the right designers and writers.

10-26-2008, 09:59 PM
Lots of people didn't enjoy .hack//sign and the other various films, because there was very very little action. If you play the games, you get a better feel of the weapons and such.

Ok someone asked me to elaborate more. It would essentially be the players playing a game. Here is the background (it is long, but settings aren't short right?)

Harold Harwick loved a poet named Emma who died in a car accident. After she died Harold found a poem she had wrote (that wasn't finished) called the Epitaph of Twilight.

He than took the Epitaph of Twlight (which is a poem about a group of people (good) taking on The Wave (evil)) and made it into an online game he called 'Fragment'

Then there was a massive virus called Pluto's kiss that threw down the internet. And since this is in the future everything is computerized and such. As a result planes crash, cars, crash, electrical fires are started (etc). (I believe some of this is shown in Liminality)

After Pluto's Kiss a company called CC Corp, creates Altima, which is essentially the internet, but it is totally the internet, but immune to all viruses and such. CC Corp then buys Harold's game 'Fragment' from him and they rename it "The World"

Well unbeknown to everyone Harold created the world to make a artificial daughter since him and Emma never got to have one. In the future they have intense AI (artificial intelligence) but they must be taught everything (how to feel, etc). So the game was created for this AI (which he named Aura). The plan was to use the player's emotions to create her (since she had to be taught everything) and since players are happy (cause they are playing a game) they feed her happy emotions.

Well since he didn't want anyone to know about Aura he created another AI named Morganna to watch over Aura, until she was fully functional, after which Morganna would become a part of Aura, and his AI daughter would be complete.

Well Morganna discovered this and decided that she would keep Aura from growing by feeding her negative emotions. But since AI cannot teach other AI, she had to use the players in the game. So this one player logs on to The World (Tsukasa) and Morganna uses a computer subliminal message thing to put their real body in a coma, after which she alters their memories and such.

Now this player cannot Log Out of The World, and they have the ability to feel things in The World since their concious is in the game (like the breeze on their face, etc.)

Morganna chose Tsukasa because she was an abused and neglected child. So Morganna takes Tsukasa to Aura's realm and uses him (Tsukasa was a boy in the game, but a girl in real life so don't get confused by my pronouns) to feed Aura negative emotions, which will stop Aura from growing and keep Morganna 'alive'.

Well the reason Tsukasa can't log out is because he doesn't truly want to. He is unsure as to whether he is a guy or a girl in the real world (because Morganna erased his memories) but he knows that his real world life is horrible.

Eventually Tsukasa meets people and learns to trust again and Maha (one of the evil beings from The Wave, and Morganna's right hand man) grows fond of Tsukasa, and Tsukasa loves Aura, and discovers how Morganna has been deceiving him by keeping him in the game.

So Tsukasa falls in love with this player named Subaru and that is the ultimate reason he is able to log out because now he has someone he wants to see in the real world.

Well after Aura is awakened, the Phases are released (The monsters from The Wave) which were originally programs engineered to collect data for Aura's growth, but modified by Morganna into invincible monsters to capture Aura.

Though Aura is awakened she is not complete, for this she must have this ability called Data Drain which allows someone to edit game data. And Morganna is keeping this from her.

Well Aura is able to put the Data Drain program into an installation book, which she intends to give to the legendary player Orca (so he can use it to help her). Well when she calls Orca to meet her, Skeith (one of the Phases) attacks them and uses Data Drain (which Morganna put in his program) on Orca, which sends Orca into a coma in real life.

Well Orca's friend Kite travels to The World, in search of Orca (who told him about the game) not knowing he is in a coma. Well he finds Orca as he is being Data Drained by Skeith, and Aura gives the installation book to Kite, since she feels she hasn't much time before one of The Phases gets her. When she gives him the installation book, his data is rewritten and he gets The Twilight Bracelet, an item with which he can use Data Drain, the only power capable of defeating the eight Phases of the Wave.

Before Skeith can attack Kite, a hacker named Helba (named after the Queen of Darkness in the Epitaph of Twilight) deletes the field they are in and delivers Kite to safety. After this the game starts to mess up. Data is disrupted, fields are messed up, and random monsters are made invincible.

Kite then runs into Skeith again just as Skeith is data draining Aura, and spreading her data all over The World. Well then Kite defeats Skeith which brings another Phase into The World, named Cubia. Since Aura is only partly functional she can only send corrupted emails to Kite.

Eventually Kite and a group of players (known as the Dot Hackers) defeat six more of the eight Phases (Skeith, Innis, Magus, Maha, Fidchell, Gorre, and Tarvos). This leaves only Cubia, and Corbenik (the Wave itself) to deal with.

Aura tells Kite not to confront Cubia, since he is invincible, but Kite does anyway and sacrifices the Twilight Bracelet to destroy him. This leaves the Wave Corbenik invincible. Who has the power to kill every player in The World (over 20 million). Knowing he cannot defeat Corbenik, Kite tries anyway, but during the fight Aura appears and gets in the way of Kites attack, which kills her.

But this was intentional, for now Aura who is created by positive emotions, can now merge with Morganna, who is created by negative emotions, to form the AI daughter that Harold wanted, and she becomes an omnipotent program in The World, analogous to a God, and she kills Corbenik.

After that CC Corp administrators hunt for Aura in the game without much success (for she was not created by CC Corp and they see her as dangerous to the game and its players).

Holding a fake contest, and posing as an administrator bestows Shugo with the new Twilight Bracelet she has created, so that Shugo could create her a daughter which would complete her being exactly like a human.

My plan for the game is to have the players run through this (since no others in my group have ever heard of .hack) from meeting Tsukasa and helping him awaken Aura, to defeating the eight Phases (in which Orca will be a friend of the PCs and they will instead receive the Twilight Bracelet), to helping create her daughter.

So anyone wanna help me out in the writing/design for this game?

10-26-2008, 10:49 PM
Would this not be a cool futuristic RPG? Plus you could take a lot from the games that have come out (Infection, Mutation, Quarantine, and whichever one I forgot) and the shows and have tons of information. It seems Dark Future to me, because obviously the technology for the game is futuristic, and what isn't dark about the risk of becoming lost in a video game?

Throw me ideas!!!!!!

Its a great series but from an RPG perspective I've been there done that got the T-Shirt. The only change is that the girl who dies was playing an MMO rather than on the net. I'm not trying to shoot your idea down I just done similar stuff in cyberpunk/shadowrun before. The ghost in the machine has been respun many ways since the 80s. Its a soild idea its just not new.

So anyone wanna help me out in the writing/design for this game?

Well I'm assuming by game you mean adventure/campaign because I would just grab your favorite rule system and roll with it.

10-27-2008, 07:19 AM
Ya I am thinking I will use the d20 system, because of the HP. In d20 your HP can get to great numbers like in a video game, and you don't get negative effects from losing HP like in a video game, and since essentially it is the players playing a game, then I believe that will work.

The thing is I need a new magic system for it also. I am thinking I will just make a mana pool that grows like your HP pool but add intelligence instead of constitution.

Yea, I am sure this idea has been used many times, but my group has been stuck fighting giants and slaying dragons for four years, so a change like this would be more than welcome by them.

Ya, I am looking for writers to convert some of the items from the video game series to the PnP version. I have been DMing for a long time, but there are people out there with a lot more experience and perspective than me, I am sure.

10-28-2008, 10:53 AM
I would put recharge rates on your HP and Mana pools like the Vitality Variant which I think is your level per hour. I think 4e powers may be a better fit to if instead of at-will, encounter, per-day. You give them each a mana value.

04-10-2009, 03:19 PM
(Sorry for the thread necromancy. Don't see anything about whether that is dislike or not.)

The d20 SRD has a spell point system (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/magic/spellPoints.htm). Personally I'd switch things to spontaneous casting for everyone but not go to a spell point system. I think they work well for computers where you can regain over time but aren't as nice for pen and paper. I actually wrote Worlds Within Worlds (http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=61066&filters=0_0_0_0&manufacturers_id=2663&affiliate_id=29353) to give suggestions on running a .hack like setting. It doesn't convert the .hack games into the d20 system. It describes how to run a campaign set inside an MMORPG like the .hack series. The fiction Lost Realms of Conflict is used as an example setting.