View Full Version : Fight Club - Toronto D&D v4

10-25-2008, 12:14 PM
I just typed a description and then had to hit back to retype it... and I don't really feel like it so I'll summarize.

Campaign is called fight club... and what's the first rule of fight club? You don't talk about fightclub!

- There will be a cat around so if you have allergies you're sol.
- Football will be on in the background during football season
- Low fantasy setting
- D&D v4
- Have 4 players, looking for a bit more.

We play about every 2-3 weeks on Sundays, between 2-10 or so. People have to work the next day so we don't play too late. Half RP and half combat, with some thinking involved.

We've only played twice, first time to make chars and the next time for real. So if you join you won't be too far behind and can quickly get up to speed.