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10-24-2008, 09:14 PM
Allowed Books

Players Handbook
The Complete series
Book of Dwarves
Book of Elves
Book of Gnomes and Halflings
Fighterís Handbook
Rangerís Handbook
Paladinís Handbook
Wizardís Handbook
Priestís Handbook
Druidís Handbook
Thiefís Handbook
Bardís Handbook
Psionics Handbook
The Complete Book of Necromancers
Tome of Magic
Sages and Specialists
Arms and Equipment Guide

None of the Option books are allowed
Players Option
Skills and Powers
Combat and Tactics
Spells and Magic

10-24-2008, 09:24 PM
Initiative will be determined by rolling a D10; this represents the number of segments in a combat round. You will add in your weapons speed factor then subtract your Dexterity modifier if any this will give you the segment you act in for that round. The lower numbers will go before the higher ones.


Since combat takes so frigging long in a Play by Post game, all damage done either by the PC's or the Bad guys will inflict max damage for what ever weapon used. Then add in any extra damage for high strength or magic weapons. A critical hit will double this (as I am sure you know). A critical Miss will result in a hit but you do minimum damage for the weapon you used plus strength and magic if any. A critical miss will also inflict a nick on the blade of your weapon or put stress on whatever missile weapon you use. This will result in your weapon doing one point less (a long sword would do 7 points to S/M and 11 points to L.) After 10 nicks, your weapon will break on the next critical miss. On that same note, your armor will sustain damage from receiving a critical hit but it will go up in protection value one point for every two critical hits. (It would take two critical hits for chain mail to go from AC: 5 to AC: 6