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10-24-2008, 04:25 PM
Hi all.

New 3.5 (ish) "Zero-to-Epic" campaign has started and we are currently seeking 2-3 more players. Game is run regularly in downtown Baltimore (Little Italy, 2 blocks from the harbor) on all Saturday afternoons from 11:00AM to approximately 6:00PM (sometimes later). Only reliable players need contact. Basic working knowlege of D&D 3.5 rules also required.

If you've never successfully played into an epic game this is your chance - last game went to 40+ level. As the GM, I have been playing D&D since 1978 and have been both GM'ing games for most of that time and authoring gaming supplements for publication for the last eight years. This is a rare event for us that we look for new players - most of our games run for several years. Our group has varying levels of experience, with most of them having learned to play on Second Edition, but we have several relatively new playes - all ranging in age from 22 through 45.

We run a fun game - lighthearted, but high drama, with almost every action being up to the creativity of the players. This is not Hack & Slash. We emphasize intelligent role playing in scenarios where "kill 'em all" is just one among many of the available alternatives for problem solving.
This will be a long term game set in the world of Greyhawk - emphasizing city and society-based adventure, some dungeon crawling, interplanar action, and ultimately a great deal of political intrigue. The game will be high action and dangerous.

Be forwarned: No whiners, no cryers, no muchkins, and no rules lawyers need apply. If you are the type who craves the phat lewt and breaks into tears when your character dies this is not the game for you. In my game stupidity has consequences. However, if you like the rewards of a hard-won victory at the end of a long and grueling campaign this just might be what you are looking for.

Finally, (and importantly) we play A MODIFIED VERSION of the core OPEN D20 (3.5 edition) rules as presented in the PHB, DMG, MM, and EPIC rules books; and released by Wizards under the Open Gaming License. The modifications are very minimal - some tweaks to character advancement and building, some streamlining of rules (why does 3.5 have seven different levels of "fear" and wtf is up with those grapple rules anyway). Anyway the result of our (professionally written) house rules is much smoother play and easier action resolutions, and more time role-playing rather than ROLL-playing.

If interested, please contact me at faust@hotmail.com for additional details. Next play date is Saturday 11/1.



01-03-2011, 08:39 PM
gentlemen and ladies, i would be interested in being in this game and just moved to the area. used to play when i was younger and am looking to get back into it.. the learning curve would be no prob and hope to hear back..