View Full Version : Gathis: Falcon City

10-09-2008, 08:32 PM
I am recruiting 2-3 players for my Wednesday night game. It is at 11PM EST on Wednesday night . We currently have 3 players, and need 2-3 more.

The game takes place in the rich world of gathis (www.gathis.com). Character creation is a bit different but you will be creating a level 1 character. Everyone else is still low level and each new player will start at level 1. Post if interested or PM me.

The game is core 2nd edition with extra classes that can be found on the gathis sight. The party is currently heading north in the Keliton Forest on a recovery mission in the Der Mere mountains to save a former companions father from the evil influences of a binding gem of genie origin. They are also seeking a dwarven alliances with the elves of keliton as impending war looms over trade disputes and political plays for power in the regions.

The game is on session 24 and I am in this for the long haul. Experience with 2nd edition is not needed. I am more concerned that players want to roleplay. the game is a solid mixture of combat and roleplaying.