View Full Version : Shaintar: Immortal Legends

10-09-2008, 03:29 PM
A new, licensed campaign setting for Savage Worlds. I came across it in Kurt Wiegel's latest "Game Geeks" video review. This setting, combined with Deadlands Reloaded, could be the final nudge that I need to look into Savage Worlds.

Anybody seen/read/played it yet? Any thoughts?

10-09-2008, 03:44 PM
if it's anything like mike resnick's santiago, then i'll look at it. ^^ eventually. (very short on time except for the random bits of slow time at work!)

12-29-2008, 05:07 PM
I have the PDF copy and originally loved it. Now I'm more balanced... but still favorable on the setting. In my opinion, the great:

- Races, Feats, Optional Rules and Equipment expand on the Savage Worlds core rulebook.
- Nice flavor in choosing races and how they interact with each other; options to play goblins, orcs and ogres as they are not all evil. *Love* the flavor of magic with items forged from white silver, everwood, bloodsteel and black iron. Decent flavors for different types of spellcasters.
- Lots of additional information on the countries in Shaintar on the Talisman Games web site Forum, plus an author (Sean Patrick Fannon) who is engaged with his readers.

...and the not-so-great:

- I'm ho-hum on the plot point setting, particularly all the 'save the world' stuff. The SW books I've seen to date all seem to dwell on plot point settings that have to do with saving the world. With the game groups I've known, that's just a bad direction to try and take.
- The world of Shaintar is jammed full of civilized countries -- no big empty unexplored wilderness areas. (only small pockets of wilderness areas, at least the way it's shown on the map).
- Very much a setting dominated by humanoids and good/evil outsiders (creatures of life, light, flame and darkness). Not much in the way of classic "monsters" (because there's not much in the way of uncivilized wilderness?)

For me personally, I like it and the price was well justified. If you want a fully developed setting that's classic High Fantasy with some interesting twists, Shaintar is great. You can play up those twists, or ignore them and play it as straight fantasy.

But if you have a homebrew setting you want to adapt, then SW expects to release a "Fantasy Companion" about late January, which should cover and expand on a lot of ground currently published in separate PDF-only supplements available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Also, Triple Ace Games is gearing up to publish a Fantasy setting called "Hellfrost" (looks like Nordic Fantasy) around Feb./March or so. Until then, you can freely download the "Wizards & Warriors" 16-page PDF Fantasy supplement for Savage Worlds, which adds basic rules for Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Feline, Aquatic and Avian Races... and classes such as Monk and Troubador (Bard).

There's also the Freely downloadable "Advanced Dungeons & Savages" PDF fan file, which re-interprets old-school D&D through the Savage Worlds lens.