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10-31-2006, 10:30 AM
Just saying hello, introducing myself and letting y'all know that you won't see me on the forums for the next month. November is National Novel Writing Month. What that means is that for the month of November I'll be trying to complete 50,000 words worth of book. That's about 2,000 words a day:eek:. This particular form of insanity is actually pretty rampant. I'm being joined by near a million others worldwide!

Anywho. I'm from Tacoma, WA. It's a small town completely overshadowed by Seattle. We're our own masters, though, and don't take truck with those snobs up there calling us the "Tacoma Aroma". Them's fightin' words!

I've played THE GAME since the first little box called "Dungeons & Dragons" came out on the market in, what, the early 1980's? late 1970's? I forget. Back then, nobody knew how to play, so I became the DM. I've GM'd more than I've played, in fact. I've even managed to corrupt more than half of my 36 nieces and nephews into playing. WooHoo!

Well, that's me. See you in December! :D


10-31-2006, 03:39 PM
My parents live out in Tacoma. Very nice area. I'm actually planning on moving to the Seattle area early next year, but I'll need to be a wee bit north of Tacoma since my office will be in Bellevue.

Good luck on the writing challenge! That's quite an undertaking, particularly to pump out anything halfway decent.