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Engineer Doramos
10-01-2008, 04:46 PM
Hey, I'm just sending out feelers to see if anyone is interested in some science fiction roleplaying set in the somewhat near future. I'm currently finishing up the rules and setting. The game is designed to have dangerous action and heroic yet somehow realistic characters. Well, if they have psi powers or something I guess thats not so realistic, but what I mean is I tried to keep human limits in the game. Bullets hurt bad and slow you down at the very least if you're not protected by armor or good defensive skills/abilities. There is a good mix of defensive and offensive skills. Armor deflects and absorbs damage instead of making you harder to hit. Characters are highly customizable. The setting has a great backstory too. I even came up with quantum theories of my own just to make the whole space travel thing work. Seriously. They won't work or anything cause its not real science but it sounds good if I say it quickly enough.

Here's the last paragraph on my history summation from the present day to 2150:

Now it is 2150 ad, and the Galaxy is in a stage of reconstruction and rediscovery. Pirates are a serious problem, and so many soldiers released from duty in the war have turned to mercenary work dealing with criminals and pirates for quick pay. The profession has become so widespread in fact, that the United Terran Council and other species governments have been creating mercenary licenses, and selling them to accredited agencies who then assign them to people looking for work.

And that's where you come in...

If you want to find out more, send me a message here with questions. I'm also trying other avenues of finding players in my area. I'm mostly interested in somewhat dedicated players, rather than casual players. I'm not saying you have to be totally absorbed in the gaming experience, but I do want a group that is primarily interested in playing a good RPG and who can devote the time to it.

Some example characters I've made: a martial artist/zen discipline alien, a military veteran alien who has a criminal record but was a war hero, a psychokinetic with social skills. You really can go all out and highly customize characters with my rules :)

Engineer Doramos
10-15-2008, 01:06 PM
I've just completed a second rough draft of the complete character creation rules. Character options include martial arts, cybernetics, general special abilities, zen like disciplines, telepathic and telekinetic powers, loads of guns and future gadgets and vehicles. A lot of skills! And ten or eleven alien races, though two can't be played because they're too advanced.

If anyone wants to help me out by making a character or three and giving me input on the system balance, I'd appreciate it. Also, I have a Deadlands group that may be forming, we have three players and one ref, we just really need one more...