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09-30-2008, 05:10 AM
I had an interesting take on this crossover, prepared for the anniversary event of PNPG (but not really that prepared)- what would your take be?

In my case, it was this: Instead of being troubleshooters in Alpha Complex, your intrepid crew of adventurers were the recently activated (clone? frozen embryo?) crew of a slower-than-light Von Neumann vessel, launched clandestinely during the Reagan adminstration at the height of the Cold War...

This was a last-ditch attempt to preserve traditional American values, in the face of total nuclear annihilation or Communist onslaught. This vessel contains sufficient resources and machines to build a colony, and populate said colony from stored human tissue, and eventually build and launch new probes to the other stars! If all goes well-

But, as would be expected, things do not go well. The crew was activated hundreds of years early, and a strange culture evolves on the ship, influenced by both traditional American values, and a deep-seated fear of Communism.

Your story begins aboard the vessel, when planetfall is imminent- What awaits you on the new planet? Can you overcome the New Communists aboard your ship in your quest? Is your laser handy? Will you even survive the thermonuclear-powered braking sequence, that you were supposed to be in cryo for?

These and many other challenges face you as a newly-spawned Troubleshooter on the USS Alpha-Omega...

09-30-2008, 10:26 PM
Space ... the most treasonous frontier.

These are the voyages of the Starship Alpha Complex, its unceasing mission to serve Friend Computer, to root out the Klingon Mutant Traitor menace, to seek out new worlds and new civilizations ... and to shoot them ... to boldly go where no clone has gone before!

[cue theme music]

The Computer is your friend.
Trust no one.
Keep your phaser handy.