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09-29-2008, 11:22 AM
Hey All, I'm new to the community as I stumbled upon OpenRPG

Some quick information about me before my campaign so you know what kind of game I'm running;
I'm a veteran gamer, having played for 17 years, and been a fairly steady DM for the last 15 years. Our crew has played every week with gaps between campaigns for the past 8-9 years but we have unfortunately lost players over the years and I'm looking to fill some gaps as our current crew is down to 4 people (including me). I have experience DMing d20 systems and d10 systems and we mostly gravitated toward D&D 2nd/3rd ed and Exalted although I've also played Rifts, D&D 1 ed and advanced, Ars Magika, and a few others.
About 4 years ago I had gotten bored with the regular game mechanics of D&D and turned to Exalted as a more open direction (lacking the rigid class lines found in most d20 systems) and took that up, but over time I realized Exalted wasn't elaborate enough to suit my tastes after playing something so enriched as D&D. As a result I have completely crafted mechanics for my own game from the ground up, modeling it on the d10 concept and I have spent the last 2 years crafting this game to be the epitome of customization.

Presently, I have managed a few hack 'n slash game sessions to playtest the mechanics which seem more or less sound, and I think it’s ready for the next step, a full fledged campaign. Thus I'm now in the market for players that are interested in trying out the new mechanics and a new campaign to see how the game runs.

Some real quick info about the game, it is a d10 system like exalted, uses talents like exalted (if you haven't played, they are essentially traits that make your character unique, anything from having only 1 eye, to being a prophetic magic user that has been anticipated for hundreds of years) and boasts over 700 charms (think feats in D&D). The combat is broken up into martial, secretive, and magic spheres with the ability to mix and match, and the mechanical system allows you to theoretically cast spells and fight at the same time, allowing for true spell blade type class ideas. Furthermore I've added an entire other sphere of the character devoted to diplomacy, which means you can actually advance in and contribute with entirely RP elements to the campaign, you don't need to fight to advance your character.
There's lots more but this is already getting pretty long so let me get to the real campaign part of it.

The campaign is set in a fantasy world entirely of my creation and will have as many different elements as I can put into it for the spirit of the thorough play test campaign. This means there will be everything from diplomatic missions to broker peace between countries to dungeon crawling and assassination quests. If at any time any player feels a type of gameplay is being excluded (not enough desert battle scenes for you!?) Then you can let me know and I'll try to see if there's a place to fold it into the plot line.
This isn’t to suggest that the campaign is nothing more than a series of kill tasks and diplomatic missions, there will be a plot line and overarching events. I firmly believe in presenting my players with a world, and letting them go their own route in that world… don’t want to save the town from a ravaging horde of bandits and monsters? No problem, move along!

What this means to the players? A simple list;

1) It’s an entirely new game from the ground up, I'll send you all the materials you need to get your character built, and work with you to build your character over time. Even my veteran players are doing this for the first time more or less, so you won't be 'left out'
2) The game's very concept is to have 'everything'. I encourage my players to think of any character they could possibly want to play... then build him. One of my players has always wanted to play a battle mage that wears armor and uses a sword... It can be done!
3) This is a new game... really... which means there will be times when I go "Huh... oopse..." And have to edit something. I try to be fair as much as is reasonably possible, but there are times when the nerf bat will hit you in the head I'm sure. In these cases I'll almost certainly offer to refund any bought abilities or points so you can reallocate them as you wish rather than being stuck with something you don't want... but I want to be up front; chances are this will happen.
4) My game and players are run by adults. This means that although we are mature and don't seek out adult content, it still has the possibility to happen. If this makes you uncomfortable I strongly urge you to reconsider joining... We don't have fun by doing explicit actions and swearing all the time, but my players take their role playing seriously and if it is what their character would do, they'll do it...
5) Our game will run Sunday afternoon/nights. We don't have an official start time or end time but chances are we will play sometime between 4pm EST and 10pm EST but I doubt we'll play for more than 4 hours at a stretch so don't think we'll play from 4pm until 10pm, just somewhere in that time frame. We'll be beginning sometime mid/late October depending on how long it takes to get interested people and at that time we'll declare a regular time frame.
6) Our players take gaming seriously... not that we don't have fun but they don't pick abilities for mechanical advantage, they pick them because their character would pick them, they role play not in a way to guarantee success for themselves, but rather the way their character would act. I understand most people here are veteran gamers so I'm sure this is unnecessary but nevertheless we want players that like to actually role play, if you just want to kill stuff and get the 'phat lewts' then I again strongly urge you to look for another game...
7) Along those lines our games tend to try and balance RP elements with action, but that doesn't mean that the game will be fast paced advancement. I view character advancement as being akin to character development in a story. It should take a while, to encourage the players (everyone) to really think about where they're going. With the nature of advancement and the sheer quantity of possibilities already in the game it would take literally years of gaming every week to achieve everything you can in even just 1 of the spheres, let alone all 4... So we don't try for a 'superman' we try to build the characters we like to play, and enjoy the ride.
8) This campaign is designed to fully flush out the game mechanics, and will thus not be intended to be an indefinitely long game. That being said I'll keep DMing as long as people are having fun... The longest Campaign I've run was for a little over 2 years and that started as an on-the-fly game one afternoon with literally zero prep time... If people are having fun, we'll keep going! That being said there's already a real campaign intending to be epic in scope, being planned to take place after this one, so if you enjoy yourself in this game you can tag along for the next if it ends prematurely.
9) Although we previously use to play in a Trillian chat room, we are going to attempt a switch over to OpenRPG assuming we can all get it to work and be stable thus the game is an online only game if that wasn’t explicit already ;)

Ok I guess that's the bulk of it. If you're interested feel free to post here or send me an e-mail with "Masters RPG" in the subject somewhere so I can find it from the horde of spam I get file:///E:/Users/Jason/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gifThe e-mail is Zengez@Hotmail.com

If you do e-mail me; some information about yourself and your play style would be appreciated... what games have you played? What type of games do you like (hack 'n slash? RP? epic? etc) How long have you played? Anything you think might help me understand what kind of player you are would be great...

And that's the end of my tirade, if anything here belongs elsewhere then let me know and I'll post it over there... just figured before anyone jumped on board with the campaign they should know what they are getting into heh

09-29-2008, 06:22 PM
A followup description of the campaign setting;

Atlion was a feudalistic land, broken into several regions each subservient to their masters in a precarious balance of politics and military tension. For the past several decades the land has been stable however, and kings keep the peace between their lords. The lands flourished bringing prosperity to lord and peasant alike.
Recently however one of the kingdoms, Ibeos, has begun to experience raiding on their main roads. A group of bandits threatens the stability of the region as peasantry cry for help from the marauders, but the knights sent by the king seem unable or unwilling to find the bandits and stop them. The bandits elude capture and work in concert throughout the region suggesting an organization to them that makes them both effective and dangerous. After almost a year of continuous thievery, the kingdom is finding it difficult to keep supplies in reserve for the impending winter, and the peasantry get more and more desperate, appealing for aid from other kingdoms and even freelance mercenaries, which threaten the sovereignty of Ibeos.
Finally Jaloi, the king of Ibeos, has sent a proclamation to all those in the kingdom, a rich reward for any that manage to track down these bandits and end their hostility, as well as figuring out how it is they have eluded capture for so long.
And so you travel to a little town of Eidul in search of these bandits, among dozens of other potential heroes, to put a stop to the banditry and bring stability back to the region.