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09-22-2008, 10:45 AM
I'm just looking for some players, or a player, to join a 4th edition custom FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign setting. Please feel free to get into contact with me, via PM or how ever you wish. Note: I wear a helmet to prevent psychic contact, so be advised that reaching me through super-natural means...such as telepathy, will not work.

The only requirements for you, is that you not be super creepy and have a charisma score of 10 or higher. And that you can run Maptool and make it weekly.


moar info about the game:
In the Kingdom of Otheylia, Tyranny runs amok on the small kingdom. You, a strapping young adventurer, has some interest (you decide what and why) to help the people end the terrible oppresion. There's a wiki site which will help you out with your backgrounds.

Currently, the players are all level 1. A lot of them are new to role playing, and mostly new to 4e. The players are in mountain time, pacific and central.

Right now, we are having a tough time sticking to the same day of the same week, but we've managed to play every week thus far. The group itself is made up of cool people, who really enjoy their characters and the setting. We all help out each other, and it is a really positive atmosphere.