View Full Version : Sacred Bones of Trelloria

Grumpy Old Man
09-18-2008, 03:19 PM
Players start out at '0' level in an academy for adventurers. They are moved to a dungeon where they will have to complete several tasks before finding their way out. Then they make their way down the mountain and to the nearest town where things go very bad for the party and they are split up. Not to worry its part of the plan and when they are summoned they will all meet again as full fledged characters. Your old Academy Master sends you out to find the Sacred Bones of Trelloria. Its a long campaign and your characters should reach 20th level before they can even think about confronting the .... well it all leads to that doesn't it. There is no guarantee that all will survive and you will be given some unusual tasks during your journey. You might even get to talk to a God if you are really good. Forget about psionics and don't come in as a Rule Lawyer, this is my world and I want it to be fun for everybody. First few weeks all you will need is your imagination then the PHB and then it gets interesting and opens up to anything you want to bring as long as it fits in the parameter of the game. By then you will know what you need, all you have to do is get it by the Grumpy Old Man, (That be me). If you play well as a team we will get to that stage in half the time a normal group does. Bring your role playing hat, this is more than hack and slash. Looking for anybody in Iowa, Richland, Grant or Crawford counties in Wisconsin willing to drive to Blue River once a week. No smoking during sessions inside the house. Time and dates will be set by consensus of the group.