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09-08-2008, 03:41 PM
My apologies to those who see this several times. I also apologize if this is mis- or cross-posted, but I don't see a more applicable forum for this.

What & Who: I'm aiming to set up a Role Playing Gamers' Association (RPGA) club to ensure that at least 2 Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) modules are run every month in the No. VA/DC/MD area. I want to offer as many tables as possible each month of the two modules we offer. The tables will be open to all who want to play. Perhaps after we get the Woodbridge location up and running, we'll start offering the same modules at the Chantilly location and other interested gaming stores that have available gaming space.

When & Where: The first organizational meeting will be held Saturday, September 13th from 11 A.M to 1 P.M. (or whenever we decide we've concluded business) at the Game Parlor at 14400 Smoketown Road Woodbridge, VA 22192. For those who show up, we'll choose a name, pick a day of the month to hold our game days, pick the first offerings, choose a leader, and settle any other issues the crowd may raise. Both the game days and the organizational meeting will be open to all those who show up and want to participate.

Why & How: Because I want to make sure that the No. VA/DC/MD area has one of the strongest and most inclusive gaming communities in the country and I want tons of reported tables from this area. I want the community at large to have a mechanism that will assure them that there will be open LFR offerings every month and offerings of special events when they are available. As for how, I'm NOT in favor of charging any dues to cover module printing costs because I think that would just create some concern among players as to where the money goes and who's in charge of it and it may be exclusive rather than inclusive.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
09-08-2008, 04:01 PM
I forward this link to a couple of friends in your area. I'd join, but i have a bit of a mileage issue. Happy gaming!