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09-03-2008, 02:28 PM
Summer is waning and warm winds breathe gentle life into the western coastlines of the Earth Kingdom. Over the last few days, strange rumors have reached ears in the Northern Water Tribe and the Earth Kingdom city of Taku. They claim that Fire Nation ships have been spotted traveling the waters of the northwest Earth Kingdom, near the islands of the Western Air Temple. Curious to understand these peculiar activities, the two nations each dispatch a small group of scouts to investigate the Fire Nation's presence so far from home.

Goaded by his eldest brother, Bato, Musashi reluctantly joins him and a small band of the tribe's warriors on the excursion with the promise of witnessing the fabled majesty of the Earth Kingdom. Traveling aboard two cutter ships, the scouting party leaves South across the open sea for 3 days before coming upon the Western Channel where the Fire Nation ships were rumored to have last been seen.

At first placed under arrest by the city of Taku after being caught impersonating an Earth Kingdom noble, Kiuy Tan's sentence is eased when Governor Tsung learns that Kiuy is actually a distant cousin. Hearing the rumors of the Fire Nation ships, Tsung informs Kiuy that his debt can be repaid by lending his skills to the scout force that Tsung prepares to send to the Western Channel to investigate. Kiuy agrees and rides with the troope on ostrich horse, along the coast north from Taku for 4 days.

Both forces converging upon the channel and the small fishing village of Mu Bai, their hearts are stricken with horror as they witness Fire Nation forces swarming the town, rounding up the villagers and demolishing the hovels to make way for their encampments. A half dozen iron-clad Fire Nation warships wade just beyond the shallows with as many emptied longboats perched on the shore. The Fire Nation troops around the camp number at least several dozen, perhaps upwards of fifty or sixty men-at-arms.

Ordering one of their ships to take this news back to the Chief, head-strong Bato and the other warriors insist that they do what they can to quell the invasion, by diplomacy if possible and violence if necessary. They steer their ship in a little closer to village and half (about twelve, including Musashi and Bato) disembark to the shore to approach the Fire Nation forces.

Outraged at the Fire Nation's arrogant act of encroachment, the Earth Kingdom force resolves itself to right the injustice by demanding that the Fire Nation leave their shores and release the prisoners. Sergeant Wong calls his troope of twenty (including Kiuy) into formation and leads the march upon the remnants of Mu Bai village.

Greeting their guests defiantly with ranks of armored soldiers, the Fire Nation commander warns both Water and Earth forces to turn around and leave. Sergeant Wong steps forward, brimming with contempt.

"It is you who have trespassed upon our lands! You must leave...or face the justice of the Earth King!" And with those words, a great battle begins...

09-03-2008, 10:35 PM
Musashi is both impressed and saddened by Sergeant Wong impulsive reaction. At first he can't react much out of surprise. But soon he realizes that two soldiers have moved and are now flanking him with their yari (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a3/Yari-p1000609.jpg). As they charge Musashi slightly bends his knees, presents his left side, ready to dodge. /Despite his massive body, he hops a couple of feet in the air, lending on the shaft of one of the spears which aimed slightly too low, blocking abruptly the course of his holder. /He then deviates as well as he can the second blade, gets slightly off balance in the process and tries to recover by holding firmly the mid section of the spear./ Using his superior mass to yank the second soldiers closer to him/ he sends a fast strike of one of his large palms to the face of the aggressor. (yin : 3, yang : 1)

Improvised fugue on the theme of gracious heavy bodies (Aikido)

Ben Rostoker
09-04-2008, 05:20 PM
Kiuy Tan quickly looks for a good opening amongst the chaotic fray of battle. "Perfect..." He whispers to himself as he sees three Fire Soldiers ganging up on a overwhelmed young man from the Earth army desperately tries to hold his ground./ Kiuy dashes up behind one of the attacking Fire soldiers and unleashes a huge wave of earth of stone at them sending them flat on their faces./ Before he could even see the reaction on the newly freed-up Earth Soldier, Kiuy spun around and send a small earthquake through a band of charging Fire Troopers./ Spurred on by his adrenaline he then whipped out his iconic sling-shot and took a few reckless shots at the blurred movement mongst the rush of battle.

Earthbending (yin 1, yang 3)

09-04-2008, 05:49 PM
As Sergeant Wong's benders tremble the earth and the warriors of the Water Tribe struggle fiercely with the overwhelming Fire Nation force, a rank of firebenders steps forward from the midst of battle and directs a series of powerful, coordinated bursts of flame against the Earth troops. The earthbenders call up barricades of their element to deflect the attacks but the sweltering heat is violent and oppresive.

A handful of the Earth soldiers break off from the rest to recover the prisoners and carry them away from the battle, but they are forced to fight their way through steadfast opposition.

Then, seemingly from nowhere, bright bursts of light erupt from off shore as one of the Fire Navy ships sends a cascade of sizzling fireballs arcing upon the Water Tribe ship in the distance. Their aim and range is remarkable as the cutter's sails begin to shrivel and blacken like dry leaves...

Fire Army Threat: 14, Yin Toll: 1 (you need 1 Yin success per turn to avoid losing Chi in this battle)

*Ignore the roll below.

09-04-2008, 09:22 PM
"Fi-fi-fire from the sky !" yells Musashi. And he starts a frantic run toward the beach. /Tumbling right and left, he tries to position himself so the many soldiers he's passing by will get in each other's way as they want to strike him. /He then grabs a fisher net hanging on a post/ and throws it at a fire bender who would be in good position to cast flames on his back. /Finally reaching the sea, he goes on running until the water reaches his waist and starts to generate steam./ "Please Great Moon, hel-hel-help me cover our friends" (yin : 3, yang : 1)

Ode to the Moon Lady (water bending)

Ben Rostoker
09-05-2008, 03:53 PM
Kuiy Tan continued to fire out volley after volley of small stones from his Sling-shot 'Lokai'. / Enchanting the stones with the power of the earth in which they once dwelt served to garner them the extra velocity and cohesion necessary to cause sufficient damage to the warriors of Fire. / With the battle turning fiercer then any battle Kuiy Tan had ever experienced before Kokai soon ran out of his fortnight's rock harvest. Kuiy quickly shoved it into his pocket and blandished his small sword when he was suddenly hit from behind. / Kuiy fell to the floor but quickly rolled aside as a yari swiftly crushed into the dirt beside him. / Kuiy got up to defend himself when he suddenly saw great plumes of smoke coming from the Water Tribe's ship.

Earthbending (Yin 2, Yang 2)

09-06-2008, 05:25 PM
With another fiery assault against Wong's troops crippling their defensive line, the Fire Nation commander himself makes a daring charge and leap over the earthen wall and vanqishes two earthbenders with a savage, sweeping arc of flame. Sergeant Wong, now seized with grief and rage, brings all this strength to bear against his foe. He wrenches massive chunks of earth from his feet and smashes them down again like a forest of falling trees, but when the dust clears, the Fire Nation commander is still standing and his eyes are nearly smoldering with intensity.

"You have already lost, Earthbender!", the commander says. "Recognize your defeat and order your men to surrender and the rest of you will be left alive!"

Dwindling in number, the Water Tribe warriors recognize that they are outmatched and form a defensive line for those retreating to extinguish the flames consuming their ship, but their hearts are unsure and the weakness shows through to the enemy who begins advancing greedily. Finally, Bato leaps forward and strikes two of Fire soldiers squarely with this sword and grabs one of their yari to strike a firebender to his left. As the firebender goes down, he releases a lick of flame from his palms that ignites the polearm and burns Bato's hand, causing him to drop to his knees in agony.

As another volley of burning missiles blacken the sky, the remaining crew aboard the Water Tribe vessel abandon their attempts to drown the flames and begin to throw themselves overboard...

Fire Army Threat: 12, Yin Toll: 1

Secondary Goal (rescue the Water Tribe crew): 6

(With Seconday Goals, when assigning your Yin/Yang dice, you declare how many dice are going toward which goal. If you declare 3 Yang dice, for example, you can direct all 3 at either the Primary Goal (defeating the Fire Army) or at the Secondary Goal, or you can divide them between the two however you choose. You must do this before the dice are rolled. As the Secondary Goal in this case has no Yin Toll, you do not need to assign any Yin dice against it to avoid losing Chi, only against the Fire Army.)

09-08-2008, 09:01 PM
Musashi comes back to his fellow tribe men who defend their grounds with a heavy heart about those who fell and the lost ship. While still moving swiftly he's panting like an ox now. /A few more large strides, yelling indistinguishable words and he finds a position to distract a couple of fire benders from Bato and other wounded men. /Musashi jumps and tumbles left and right to avoid flame tongues./ Then feinting a low whirling kick, he surprises his opponents with handfuls of sand thrown at their faces and rushes to Bato/. He grabs his brother by the armpits, pull him to a shoulder, and thrust his big silhouette and his sibling load on top of a nearby high boulder./ (yang : 3 (secondary objective) yin : 1)

Sad song of desperation (aikido)

Ben Rostoker
09-13-2008, 09:04 PM
Seeing the commotion at the now flame infested remains of the once mighty sea vessel Kuiy Tan dashed towards the pillars of smoke past several Fire warriors advancing through the Earth's lines. / Upon reaching the fray he immediately feels a deep pain in his side as a yari slices across his torso's edge. / Screaming in pain his spirit takes hold of him and he releasing an explosive barrage of stone at his pursuer. / He whips his blade around and manages to push back the attackers in his immediate area. / Knowing that the lives of many whom he had promised to aid were at stake he wasted no time in getting to the base of the ship's remains and fevorishly attempted to help them pull themselves up from the ground and out of the flames.

Earthbending (yin 1, yang 1, secondary goal 2)

09-14-2008, 11:46 PM
Fighting against the tides to pull struggling Water Tribesmen to the shore, Kiuy witnesses the last two members aboard the ship run to the edge of the deck to throw themselves overboard. Suddenly, large, flaming pieces of rigging come toppling down, driving them back away from the railing and trapping them on the deck as the craft begins to incinerate. They call out in painful, fevered cries for help and two of the waterbenders on the shore begin to work together to churn the sea into fountains to douse the flames...but they can only slow the fire, not stop it.

Meanwhile, as the Fire Army commander and Sergeant Wong continue their duel and the earthbenders seems to begin turning the tide against the Fire Nation, the ruthless enemy commander exploits an opening in Wong's defense and, with a devastating flying kick to the head, takes Wong out of the fight. There is a tense moment as the Earth troops' spirits sink with fear and the commander redoubles the assault against them, putting half the remaining force down and leaving only a handful of earthbenders still standing.

With his wounded brother in his arms, Musashi stands against a small group of oncoming Fire soldiers who take up flanking positions around the boulder. One, wearing a full faceplate, reaches from a small round flask on his belt and pops a cap off it before hurling it toward the boulder atop which Musashi and Bato stand. As it arcs through the air, Musashi catches a glimpse of the blistering fuse atop it...blasting jelly...just before it strikes the boulder and explodes in a ball of flame.

Fire Army Threat: 11, Yin Toll: 1

Secondary Goal (rescue the Water Tribe crew): 3

Musashi loses 1 Chi. Feel free to narrate the meaning of the loss of Chi as part of your next set of descriptions if you wish.

09-15-2008, 10:08 PM
As the flames stretch their tendrils toward the top of the boulder, Musashi remembers of a childhood memory in a flash. To his own surprise this memory involves Bato without being one of utter brotherly humiliation. Musashi, unaware of the danger let his hand trail in the water during a boring seal hunting expedition. And suddenly Bato pushed him aside and put himself in harms way when a killer whale was about to gobble his brother's hand. Surely being pushed around and battered by his siblings was one of Musashi's daily thruths, but the moment of revelation is now about abnegation, not resent.

The pain, the burn, the awful oily smoke bring Musashi back to his present situation in a glimpse. /Trying to ignore his blazing clothes he leaps in the general direction of the water, Bato still on his shoulder./ A Fire soldier obtains the delightful honour of being promoted to the role of a mat in the process. /Musashi feels the pain spreading to his back but jump on his feet again and runs to the shore. /As he reaches the waves he summons the bubbling water to counter the excruciating heat Bato and he suffer./ (Yang : 1, Yin : 2, Secondary objective : 1)

wedding hymn of flesh and burnt fabric (Aikido)

Ben Rostoker
09-16-2008, 03:21 PM
Kuiy Tan curses under his breath as he drops one of the last unconscious soldiers next to the waters far from the burning hulk of wood that he might have once called home. / The two Waterbenders' cries echoed across the hulk's deck and Kuiy did not hesitate to respond. / With all the strength he could muster he kicked off the sands and propelled his weight forwards, landing just a few meters away from the benders. / Soon he could hear more cries, these ones aggressive; the Firebenders had reached the boat. / Kuiy did not know whether he would be able to free the trapped men in time, but he did not hesitate or stop to fight off the approaching armies. He would leave the Earths to decide his fate. For now he had to do his best to save as many lives as he could. How had Governor Tsung made this mission sound so easy just a day or so ago?

Earthbending (1 Yang, 3 Secondary)

09-16-2008, 09:27 PM
Leaning heavily upon his brother for support, Bato meets Musashi's gaze for a tense moment.

"Brother, you are hurt!...What has happened here? Why would the Fire Nation invade the Earth Kingdom like this?" Bato douses his hand in seawater and chokes back the searing pain. When his eyes open again, they are glazed with tears...not tears of pain but of heartbreak, witnessing the distress of his people so far from home. Closing his eyes again, this time in rage, he stands up and clutches his sword tightly. "Come, little brother! Our tribesmen need us! We've got to get them away from here! We've got to save them before the Fire Nation can hurt us any further!" With that, Bato rushes toward the soldiers advancing on the beached Water Tribe crew and cuts his way through them viciously, screaming a warrior's fury.

As the battle rages on, it becomes apparent that the superior numbers and tactics of the Fire Army has given them the upper hand and with the Earth Kingdom leader defeated and their forces dwindling, the remaining earthbenders begin to stand down. As the two forces begin to come to a standstill, the Fire Army commander glances once at the sky and then motions one of his soldiers who hoists and waves a large banner bearing the Fire Nation emblem. In response, a few crewmen aboard each of the battleships raise their flag to the top of the mast and the ships begin pulling up anchor. Large columns of smoke belch forth from the smokestacks atop the vessels and they start slowly departing to the west, across the channel and in the direction of the islands of the Western Air Temple.

"Let the operation begin." the Fire commander announces to his men. "The ships should reach the western shore by nightfall, right on schedule. For the Fire Lord!" As he stretches his arm toward the sky, the Fire Army troops respond in kind and a single, unified cheer rises from them.

Fire Army Threat: 9, Yin Toll: 1

Secondary Goal (rescue the Water Tribe crew): 2

Kiuy loses 1 Chi.

Fire Nation Emblem:


Fire Navy Warships:


09-16-2008, 11:07 PM
Musashi spots a couple of his tribesmen quite isolated at the opposite side of the beach and about to be surrounded by some Fire Nation ashigarus. The distance is great to get to them, so he concentrates and try to remember how to move quickly on water. He then starts running, jumps above a wave and improvises a surfing stance. In a great inspiration he influences the water to move fast parallel to the beach and builds up speed. /A dozen of heartbeats later, he's almost reached his compatriots but two soldiers noticed his arrival and charge him with their spears. Musashi lets himself sink inside the wave which is now big enough to conceal him. The surprised soldiers don't know where to strike./ As the wave splashes their legs, one of them feels pulled under water by two large hands and gets sucked by the ebb flow./ Feeling threatened by the living liquid the second man stumbles backward in a defensive posture. /Musashi takes this opportunity to come to the rescue of the Water tribes men who have a hard time defending themselves with harpoons against the longer yaris. (Yin :1, Yang : 1, secondary objective : 2)

Staccato of the great wave (water bending)

Ben Rostoker
09-17-2008, 10:38 PM
Pain. Sudden flairs of darkness. Flashes of light and cheering. Kuiy Tan reopens his eyes to see blood pouring from a yari forced through his leg. / Looking behind him he can now see the Fire soldiers on the charred ash cheering; Two of them preparing to strike, another contemplating weather or not he should rip his yari free from Kuiy's limb. / Kuiy instead decided to make his own decision. With what is left of his meager strength he takes hold of his broken sword laying on the floor, it's jagged shear of a top buried in the ash-side. / Lifting himself up he makes a blind, wild swing at the confused soldier, changing his options to those of run or die. / The man freezes up and so chooses the latter; rusting steel slicing through him. / The other two prepare to rush at him when suddenly a large waveform crashes towards them, elegant figure atop. / The two turn towards it and charge as Kuiy half faints before picking himself back up and rests on his sword. The figure submerses itself in the wave and a small skirmish ensues; claiming the lives of the Fire soldiers. Kuiy simply watches and tries to regain his strength. / By the time the wave passes by him he had decided to try to snap the yari's tip off and slide it out of his leg before it was too late.

Guile (2 Yin, 1 Yang, 1 Secondary)

09-17-2008, 11:41 PM
With the earthbenders in full surrender, the Fire Nation begins rounding them up and puts the survivors under guard. Their commander stands proudly over the conquered soldiers of the Earth Kingdom, smug with self-assurance of victory. He turns his attention then to the small band of remaining Water Tribesmen to the north and his foot soldiers fighting valiantly against them. Bellowing powerfully over the battlefield, he calls out to his troops to regroup and form a defensive line. The small group of standing Fire Soldiers respond with military vigor and discipline and draw a steady line, polearms extended in attack formation. The commander continues to order the detention of the earthbenders and then begins walking in the direction of his newly ordered formation, four firebenders in escort.

"I'm sorry your people had to get involved in this affair but all is not lost. As I offered the Earth Kingdom warriors before they so ingraciously refused, I will grant your people the chance to end this aggression before it continues any further." As the commander speaks, his voice and smug expression drip with pride and self-satisfaction. His broad, flat stance, with arms clasped behind his back reveals his mountainous ego and he reacts as though the thought of his enemies surrendering disgusts him. "It is clear that you have already lost and that your further efforts would only lead to more senseless loss of life. Surely you have your families to think of and this matter does not truly involve your people." With that, he turns his back to the Water Tribe and stands sliently for a moment. "Throw down your weapons and you will be allowed to leave."

Bato looks to his brother, and down upon the fallen bodies of a handful of friends and kinsmen being lapped by the gentle tide. Musashi can almost feel the conflict within his brother, Bato's grip upon his dao tightening and nervousness trembling his neck and shoulders.

Fire Army Threat: 8, Yin Toll: 1

Secondary Goal (rescue the Water Tribe crew): Complete

Ben gets to declare Coup de Grace on the Secondary Goal as part of his next set of descriptions.

Kiuy loses 1 Chi.

09-19-2008, 11:52 PM
Bato strokes gently the cheek of his helmsman, whispering a prayer for the dead. He then stands up slowly, with tears in his eyes. Musashi gets a glimpse of his brother's face and see no resignation. Just a cold detachment and infinite sadness. He then grabs an object at the feet of a dead Fire soldier. /Bato raises his voice : "Commander ! You claim that the blood shed today isn't our affair. A few days ago I would have agreed that the Fire Nation's matters are none of my concern. But I have witnessed the felony and madness of this once venerable nation. And now no one..." he turns his head so all can hear his words " No one can say they don't care anymore. No peace anymore ! We have to put a stop to this insanity should it be at the price of our lives !"

/Suddenly Musashi throws something in the air, and it becomes clear why he was messing with abandoned gear. The flask spins elegantly as it falls down to where the section of soldiers stand, the fuse drawing spirals of smoke in the sky./ The soldiers close to the impact are taken by panic. Most of them scatter and a few are trampled./ Taking opportunity of the chaos, Bato and Musashi rushed to the closest confused ashigarus. Two fall, one grasping the dao deep in his chest, another knocked down by the shaft of his own spear./ (Yin : 1, Yang : 3)

Last call for pride and sacrifice (Aikido)

09-30-2008, 12:32 PM
(Kiuy achieves 1 Yin and 1 Yang Success.)

As the smoke and cascading sand clears, the front-line Fire soldiers are clearly shaken and now appear not quite so assured of victory as the boasts of their commander seems to be. Enraged at the blatant and sudden defiance, the commander lashes out with furious shouts and growls as he draws his firebender accompaniment into attack formation with him.

"If you will not surrender, then die!!!" The flames he draws are wild and hungry and they stretch out across the ground in a circle around him. He then begins assailing his foes with long, whip-like tendrils of fire that coalesce from the sweltering wall. The Fire Nation soldiers, witnessing his wrath, clear to the edges of the battle to avoid being accidentally struck by his attacks and the four firebenders protect their superior and help feed his flames with their own.

Fire Army Threat: 5, Yin Toll: 1

10-01-2008, 08:54 PM
Bato runs with determination toward the commander, an enemy spear in his hands. He tries his best to avoid the flames while his clothes darken./ Musashi turns pale as he realizes how desperate his brother's attack is. He Kicks a soldier rushing at him in the guts./ Then looks for some water at hand in order to pull a trick but can't find any./ A second later he can see his brother beaten down by the commander and his body engulfed in flames. Musashi shouts with sorrow as the loss dawns on him. (yang : 3 yin : 1)

Dark tango of rebirth (Aikido)

10-14-2008, 10:52 PM
"The Fire Nation is attacking the Earth Kingdom?!" The voice inside Jin's head screams while he tries to make sense of all the chaos going on./ Without a another thought, Jin hops out from behind a shack/ and charges into battle with the pole he was going to use to carry fish back to his parents./ He volts himself into the air off a small boulder/ and baseball swings the pole into a Fire Nation's soldier's helmet. (1 Yin/3 Yang)

Jin to the Rescue!

10-15-2008, 01:19 PM
As blankets of violent flame consume the shore, Bato's agonizing cries ring out amidst the roaring heat and frenzied cries of the commander. As Bato scrambles on his hands and knees, one of the firebenders savagely kicks him aside. Witnessing Bato's dire predicament, Kiuy propels himself forward on a small wave of sand and swoops in to grab him and pull him away. Just before he reaches for Bato, three Fire Nation scouts emerge from the edge of the forest riding komodo rhinos. The scout leader, a heavily muscled man with a single white feather adorning his topknot, throws a net around Kiuy and hoists him over the back of his mount.

"Commander Lao!" the scout leader beckons. Without looking, the furious commander barks back orders as he continues his fiery assault.

"I have this situation under control. Take the rest of the troops and Earth prisoners back to base camp and resume your patrol, sergeant!" The scout leader chokes back a scowl that passes over his features and looks disdainfully upon Bato writing in the smoldering sand for a moment. Then, he and his accompaniment ride toward the remains of the fishing village to round up their charge, leaving only Taki, his four firebenders and a half dozen soldiers behind.

Just then, around the northern bend of the shoreline, an Earth Kingdom fishing junk comes into view. Seeing the floundering embers that mark the remains of the Water Tribe ship and spying the survivors, the ship makes its best speed toward them. The bosun cries out from the fore of the ship to get the attention of the remaining Water Tribe and the crew begins loading the vessel's harpoon launchers.

Fire Army Threat: 1, Yin Toll: 1

Jin loses 1 Chi. (Feel free to narrate the meaning of the loss of Chi as part of your next set of descriptions if you wish.)

10-15-2008, 05:37 PM
After landing on his feet, Jin turns around to make sure the soldier is out cold,/ and gets thrown to the ground after being plowed into by a rhino./ His back ached with hot pain while he tried to get back up on his feet./ "Time to do some bending of my own." Jin whispers as he hears footsteps heading his way./ When they stop, he grabs two big handfuls of sand, rolls over and throws all the sand at the soldier's face./ (Yin 2/Yang 2)

Earthbending, Jin Style.

10-15-2008, 08:13 PM
Musashi covered in sweat is quite confused. /The multiplication of events, the exhaustion and adrenaline overload bring his wits down. /He's lead into a defensive stance. /Harassed by two soldiers and their pole arms, he's forced into playing hide and seek among fishing boats laying upside down on the beach, /waiting for his foe to make a mistake. (yin 3, yang 1)

panting interlude (aikido)

10-20-2008, 11:02 PM
As the sound reaches Commander Lao's ears of his warriors' plight against Jin's improvised tactics, his guard is momentarily lowered as his focus shifts away from his assault. In that fleeting moment, two waterbenders lash out with whips of sea water and crack two of Lao's firebender escort solidly against their helmets, putting them soundly out. Lao's attention and rage snap back to life as his teeth gnash and smoke curls out from his nostrils. A volley of blunted harpoons bowls over a couple of the Fire Nation soldiers standing at the flanks of the battle. The others still standing assess their failing position and quickly surrender their pikes and swords.

In rigid defiance, Lao begins recentering his stance and between long, deep breaths begins drawing the flames in a funnel around him, building power for a final, explosive release.

Fire Army Threat: Complete

Jin gets to declare Coup de Grace on the Fire Army Threat as part of his next post.

10-22-2008, 09:16 PM
Musashi keeps an eye on the relentless officer while the decisive showdown seems about to happen. Yet he moves cautiously toward the silhouette of his fallen brother. He then kneels down, broken and quiet, and grabs a hand. Prostrated, it's almost like the surrounding turmoil doesn't matter anymore.

10-23-2008, 12:32 PM
Before the soldier could get the sand out of his eyes or even realign himself, Jin kicks his legs out from under him and slams a rock into the side of his helmet after he lands. Standing up, the sound of harpoons being launched makes him turn his head and sees what has happened.

"It seems the tide is coming in to cool off this invansion." He speaks the words aloud but not really talking to anyone but himself. Yet, the feeling soon melted away when he felt the heat radiating out from the commander, preparing for his last stance but it also seemed like the water benders were not out of the fight yet. With all that was going on, Jin had a surreal feeling like he was only watching what was unfolding and not actually there, in harms way.

The first to attack was the Commander. Focusing his chi, he released the inferno from his mouth that would probably rival a dragon's breath. The heat that blasted across his body and the scream of one very unlucky water tribe's man snapped Jin out of his dream state. Trying to figure out some way to help, he sees that a water bender kneeling over the charred dead body and oblivious to all that is going on around him. After that, Jin was running, as if his legs had a mind of their own. He tackles into the water bender and they tumble out of the way as a line of fire erupts behind them.

"Watch them break and flee under the might of the Fire Nation!" Commander Lao thought to himself when he stopped his attack for all of the water tribemens were retreating to the water with no where to run.

Basking in his moment of victory, the sound of rushing water distracts him as he watches a tsunami build infront of him. Weak from the strain of the last attack, Commander Lao sucks in a deep breath and tries again, aiming for the middle of the giant wave. Fire and water mix, making filling the air with hot steam. The two were at a stale-mate but then the water benders started to fold the wave and attack from the sides. Jin knew they were going to get wet if they didn't move but the water bender was too big for him to pick up. The commander tried to retaliate but was too slow and too weak and the water crashed into him.

They find the soaked and unconcious body of the commander lying face down in the sand.

10-24-2008, 11:30 AM
With the help of the crew of the fishing vessel, Summer's Bounty, the remaining Fire Nation men are bound with ropes and kept under guard while a few fishermen venture into the remains of Mu Bai village to check for prisoners or recoverable supplies, of which there are none. The fishing captain, Miamoto, a short, middle-aged man with stark white hair and a bronzed complexion, begins posing questions to the Water Tribe about the battle, where the missing villagers have gone and why the Fire Nation was attacking them. Receiving only wearied and frustrated glances, Miamoto turns his attention to the distant pillars of smoke to the west that rise from tiny silhouettes of the Fire Nation ships. "And where are they off to now?", Miamoto groans as he kicks at the lapping tide. Meanwhile, the subdued Commander Lao groans and stirs slightly.

10-29-2008, 02:12 PM
There wasn't a part of his body that didn't hurt was he tried to stand back up after the incredible battle that just took place. His clothes had been burned in some spots and were completely soaked but he was still alive. "What happens now?" Jin thought while we tried to clear his head and figure things out.

10-29-2008, 08:59 PM
Musashi is still shaking of the sheer horror that war is. "This must be the logical conclusion : the Fire Nation has simply declared war on the mighty Earth Kingdom" he thinks to himself, and contradictory thoughts about the implications make his head spin. In an attempt to keep himself together and retain some dignity, he attends the wounded of every nations. It's not long till he's actually making a splint for an enemy and it doesn't escape Miamoto's attention. "You should be ashamed to waste your efforts on those pigs who ruined our village" says the fulminating captain of the fishermen. Musashi is first stuttering and can't align three words to save his life. But as Miamato's ranting starts to run out of control, he gathers enough self confidence to answer the accusation.

"You're not the only one who lost family members today Captain. I saw more blood than during the fiercest whaling. Now that the madness has paused I'm doing the only thing that makes me a worthy man : take care of every wounded. Nobody will contest your will about the prisoners fate. But if one is to follow the path of barbarism, who knows what predicament will befall your fellow villagers who are held by the Fire Nation?" At this point Musashi raises his chin, struggling with the embarrassment of confronting the head of the village. "I have to ask you a favor in the name of the few remaining Water tribesmen. Please help them return to their home. I don't doubt one second the North tribe will gather reinforcement and send troops to help you. I'm willing to stay and contribute to your cause in any way you see fit."

11-06-2008, 12:27 PM
Miamoto huffs in initial protest but then begins conceding to the wisdom of Musashi's words. He starts to gather his crew together and begin loading up the ship with anything and everything that seems recoverable. As the afternoon wanes and the sun begins to dip below the horizon of the glistening seas, Commander Lao seems to return to consciousness as his voice produces a low, rumbling laughter.

"You think this moment marks your victory but you are sorely mistaken. Even now our ships cross the channel toward the Western Air Temple and further south, Admiral Kentaro's fleet advances on the city of Taku as we speak. Mark my words, before the sun has reached mid-day tomorrow, the skies will be as red as flame and the old, disjointed world will be reforged into a strong, proud new utopia...and all will come to understand and appreciate Fire Lord Sozin's generousity. You fight as ants in a storm. You cannot contemplate the greater scheme nor would you attempt to oppose it if you could realize its aims."