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08-30-2008, 02:30 AM
There is trouble Brewing in the city of gods, Skuld a mighty metropolis that has been around for more then 35,000 years. the inhabitants boast truthfully that no invading army as Ever breached it's walls.. but there is more at work in this city then armies from opposing nations.

An human looking like he was in his later thirties had put out word for aid in a matter of some importance: people have been reported growing insane and then disappearing, not enough to draw much attention to it but perhaps enough to give you a break, a chance to push ahead in life or at least get out of the dull routine of every day life.
Greed, ambition, good will, obligation.. what ever your motive for taking up the offer from this man might be; you accept his offer of payment and a chance to help those who can't help themselves and join a group of wayward souls destined to tip the scales of power, and to play your part chosen by the gods. defy your fate or embrace it? only the future will tell.

This is a game of round robin in a way. the first adventure will be ran by myself to it's completion, afterwards the game will be continued by whom ever in the party wishes to DM next. making an adventure and tie it into the fate of Skuld (this is not manditory so if you don't enjoy DMing don't fret). All you need to play is Hamachi, GameTable, and Skype, all of which are free and i can help you get. Please contact me Via PM and leave a message here on the board.
game is once a week either saturday or sunday predetermined the week before. times have not been chosen till players are available please don't be shy it should be really good fun.
the game is starting at level 1 and working our way up.

so far in group there is:
Avram the seer-NPC human Cleric of Savras (my character when someone else is DMing)
Illis Zuhal - Diviner
Girk the Hebetudinous - half orc Barbarian
Coleman Kilian - Rogue
Morthos the false prophet - Cleric of Dantalion
Zook the Evoker

The party is no currently full, thank you for having a look.
~Zeneak S. Zenguard~

08-30-2008, 02:36 AM
I'm in, looks like a good time. Ill make up a character and send it to ya.