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Chris House
08-24-2008, 06:29 PM
hello all I am working on a small doc or manual about table top conduct, there are a lot of kids now adays who don't have a clue as to what is expected of them in a mature gaming envirment, so I thought I WOULD WRITE THIS FOR MY OWN KIDS, TO HAND TO THERE FRIENDS, when they are invited to our group to play. plus to hand out to the williums jr high DnD club!
can you all give it a look see and see what its missing or need to drop?
or go ahead and borrow it as a template to make for your own group.
thanks for your time and viewing, < editing it well coming next>

By Game Organizing Director and Rule Judge : Christopher House A.K.A. Chris

This small Document or perhaps manual is for learning or conducting one self in a respectable manner, that well insure one not asked back due to rudness. The tradition of table top games is at lease a hundred years old and has real world application other then imageries and creative purposes, as well as the enhancement of the following skills.

Reading comprehension
Deductive reasoning.
Basic Mathematical skills
Socializations and communications
Simple leadership and Social Protocols A.k.A. Manners
General planning
Problem solving
Trouble shooting
These skill needs to have some presence in a participant before play, if not.
A basic introduction of this protocol to the game rules maybe necessary before a group game is started for each new player, as well as this document and possible add on the expectations of the group as well. You may present this document to your group and ask them to read it and make note to as what they do not understand or want further explanation of specific rules and points.

Conduct at the table
Once every one is seated at the gaming table the Participant player well need to conduct them selves in the following manner, these are protocols for a successful gaming environment and is to some extent a basic manners or etiquette outline.

have your gaming homework or preparations already done!

this includes leveling up and money and equipment encumbrances and balances all read calculated before play, you can show up earlier, but no earlier then 40 minutes before the game.
Art and miniatures as well as maps or drawing should be finished or put away if not essential to game.
Personal rule books should be kept at once side and if not on table –due to space requirements , then in backpack on chair or in a players lap.

know your character and if new wait to be introduced into the game

if you have not been introduced to the party wait till the Gaming Organizing Director and or Game Judge has introduced you. Make sure you have meet with this Person before game to verify you are permitted into game or group.
If you are current member make sure you wait your turn to speak, do not speak over another player and if the player is running past your interjection please notify the Rules Judge or story leader with a raised hand or a simple

“Excuse me I wish to address or intercede into this action. “
The Rules Referee or story leader should politely acknowledge you and ask you what your interjection is and make the proper response or include the interjection or even ask the other player to hold and let you proceed.

if a disagreement arise between you and a fellow participate or even the rules Judge story leader if it is not in game , as in deals with the players persona or character directly, such as a fellow character need to know information or their character is stealing from the group or some story line. In that case it can be address in game with other characters while in Character, other wise then this should be addressed before the next game or after the current game, or during a break.

If it’s rules or perhaps a misunderstanding of the rules and want to speak to the Rules Referee, then this is to be handled with a brief note to the Rules referee, whom may postpone discussing the issue till game break or post game to hear your opinion.

rewards and benefits this should be handled in game as they are received, if the player and their persona or “the character” have time to count their loot read their new spell or other wise gander upon their vast new rewards! Other wise this is called game home work.
All rolls are to be made only when called upon and witness by their game Referee.

no role should be made with out the Game referee to bear witness, nor even random generation of numbers for character creation.

6 if hosting a game be sure to see if other players can help support the refreshments, unless a previous agreement has been made, never expect the referee to provide anything but their time and energies toward the game.
a. host should if the group is bigger then four people be expected to ask for a co host!
That is some one who is welling to help clean up and make sure the table is cleared after the game.
b. if a group has not mentioned refreshments or don’t designate bring your own, you should bring at lease a two litter or large beverage container to share with others.
Never assume some one else is going to bring refreshments, if you are bring food like chips bring a large pack to pass around out of common Courtesy.

If the group is to play long hours (more then four) a meal break or refreshment break should be scheduled in the middle, and every two hours a 15 minute break should be taken as a whole for restroom breaks. And out of game time to let players air out indifferences or even discus rules issues with their Rule referee, and or to help the host clear tables or set table or replenish refreshments. Or even order delivery food service.

7. Scheduling in this day and age people have lots of activities do not assume your game is the only one, try to give a minimal week to two weeks heads up of time changes and if your going to be early or even Gods Forbid late!