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Robin Jones
08-21-2008, 05:44 PM
anyone live in houston texas?
im trying to find people that could join my group.
if anyones intersted, contact me at purplejim8@yahoo.com.
i live in Dickinson.
Sessions: Saturday nights.

Robin Jones of the OOPGamersGuild

OOP: Out Of print

Classic D&D (at least 3 players required)
AD&D 1st edition (DM Required)
HackMaster (GM Required)
Metamorphosis Alpha Universe (Still reading the rules, aka: under construction)

Additional rules:

Favorable amount of players: 6
Max Players: 11
Age: 10+
no complaining about which game or rules you wanna play (im the DM and i have final say, i only play classic rules, D20 rules SUCK!!!)
you must bring your own food and drink (im jewish, so i keep kosher)