View Full Version : Pathfinder OGL 3.5 in Houston, TX

08-21-2008, 02:59 PM
I'm wanting to start a Pathfinder Campaign in Houston, TX. I have all the books from the beginning, and have had a couple years GM experience. Pathfinder is based off the D&D 3.5 OGL for those that didn't know.
I won't be using ANY additional material other than what belongs in the Pathfinder universe. I might allow exceptions, but I will have to review the sources at least one gaming session in advance. I'm very role playing oriented and allow my players to play the game as they see fit, but should be mindful of the consequences. Yes, I'm used to having GM's with a twisted sense of humor. It's always fun. I prefer to play on Saturday nights from probably 6pm-2am. Schedule is flexible somewhat. Let me know if you want to play, have others that would want to play.

I want this game to have 4 players, could deal with 3, or even 2 players if you would do 2 characters. But I would want the 4 players if possible. Up to 6.

For those that want to know more about Pathfinder, it is released by Paizo, the company that used to handle the publishing and everything for both the Dungeons and the Dragons magazines before Wizards let the license expire and took the magazine names back from. This isn't a new company and the game has a very well detailed feel to it. There is a new module released every month, and I am subscribed to it. I love the feel to this game, and hope you can enjoy it.

Right now I would like to play once a week, Saturday for me is preferred, but can do Fridays. Maybe twice a week if all players could handle it. I would prefer to host, But if we have someone that would host and is the closest middle ground for all of us, that would be fine. We all know how large of a city Houston is.

Please contact me at chikae0@yahoo.com for more information.

I would prefer mature players, as I am used to playing with players that drink. No smoking indoors. Yes we can take breaks. :cool:

I'm a 28 year old male, residing on the East side of Houston, close to where i-10 and 610 east meet at.