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Try to do all of your strategizing in character but if you have some ooc questions or comments this is the place for it!

Here are some things your character knows:

You are from one of the many nations on Korbala, a very diverse European style continent with many different races and cultures. Depending on your backstory you may be very familiar with a variety of areas in Korbala, I haven't given a lot of details so that you may supply your own and weave your backstory as intricately as you like, feel free to create any type of cultures, factions, etc. you want to relate to your backstory. If you need me to create more details for you please give me an idea what your looking for and I will supply the detail.

Latrobe is a smaller Australian sized continent which is known for its plentiful gemstone mines and exotic Asian style culture. Latrobe has only one nation and it is named after its continent (just like Australia). Again I know this isn't alot of detail but none of the pc's have been there and I didn't want to polute anyone with unnecessary ooc info, if there is something you think you should know in character about Latrobe then send me an email or pm.

What you know about Athas you've heard as bedtime stories and around campfires passed down for centuries:

The 9 Kings of Athas have been locked in stalemate for centuries, each engaging his neighbors in minor skirmishes but unwilling to expose vulnerability by attempting all out war.

Gladiatorial arenas form the core of most cultures in Athas. Magic and psionics are feared and forbidden in many areas. The slave trade is strong, a man in manacles, delivered to the right city, can be worth a great deal of money.

The northern parts of Athas enjoy temperate climates in the low lands and endure frigid tundra in the high lands / mountainous regions. Wild men, savages and ravenous beasts are common, they raid civilized trade routes and pose a constant threat to all travelers.

The southern parts of Athas are mostly desert. It is extremely hot through the day, and not much better at night. (Temperatures hover around 140F) Water is as valuable as steel, and both are rare. As many are claimed by the desert as are claimed by the arenas.

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You set sail a week ago for Latrobe on a large cargo freighter with 6 passenger cabins added to the front of the main deck.

What do I know about Latrobe? I think I read something about gems before?

Koresh (capitol city of the human kingdom on Korbala).

What do I know about Koresh and Korbala?

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Hi there, I noticed that your campaign had just started, would you perhaps be interested in one more player? I'm also curious as to which rules you will be using or will this be a free-form roleplay?

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Since we seem to be off to a slow start I welcome the addition, go to http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6917 for all the info you'll need to make up a character.